Ukrainian citizens: in Mariupol we’re digging trenches with the kids


2014/08/30 • War in the Donbas

Gennadiy Mokhnenko added 20 new photos to the album Digging trenches with the children, near Mariupol:

Somebody wake me up and let’s laugh together at this stupid dream.
I, a Russian person, along with my adopted sons am digging trenches near Mariupol preparing to repel the attack of Russian tanks (they are only 20 km away. From here) … God, how one wants to wake up and laugh heartily over this nightmare … but alas …

Together with the citizens who came out to help the army (including young and old men, and women), we drove to the checkpoint on the outskirts of the city and are helping to strengthen the defensive line. I do not know how much it will help stop the madman – Putin who sent Russian guys to kill Ukrainian guys, but at least my conscience will feel that we are at least trying to do something that would save the lives of soldiers. National and local TV stations have arrived at the place of our work to show this “dream” to the whole world …

My friend from Mariupol who is now a pastor in London, Eugene Yakushev, came to us in the trenches [today]. Together with us, in the dust and the scorching sun, he contributes to the defense of Mariupol from the bloody Russian FSB adventure … [we’ve] survived … 2014 … [in] the 21st century …

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By Gennadiy Mokhnenko
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

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  • evanlarkspur

    Glory to the heroes of Ukraine. All of them, age 3-103. We admire you!

  • LorCanada

    Let’s hope something is done by EU and NATO to stop the ‘land grab’ Putin is doing in Ukraine. Greater support is needed!

  • John Wernert

    Slava Ukraine ,”GOD ” is with you…

  • Dirk Smith

    Don’t forget the land mines, boys!