West’s ‘Chamberlains of Today’ Will Soon Face a Larger War than the One in Ukraine, Russian Observer Says



2014/08/28 • Politics

The war Vladimir Putin has launched against Ukraine will not be limited to that country, a reality that “the banal Chamberlains” of the West today have failed to recognize and respond to and that the world will suffer from as a result unless and until a new Churchill emerges, according to a Russian commentator.

Andrey Ivlyev, who writes for the Noviy Region news agency, says today that Putin’s seizure of Crimea and his intervention elsewhere in Ukraine has angered Western leaders but not led them to recognize the true nature of the threat he poses or to take actions to block it.

Putin’s actions “have become possible” in large measure as a result of Europe’s dependence on Russian gas and its “cynical” willingness to try to engage in peacemaking with someone who has shown himself to be an aggressor who shamelessly lies and is seldom if ever called for that.

“History is repeating itself,” Ivlyev says. “Over the course of 70 years of well-being, Western leaders have degenerated into banal Chamberlains. The world is waiting for the appearance of a new Churchill.” If that does not happen, “mir” in both its meanings – “the world” and “peace” – “will come to an end.”

It is “already obvious to everyone that Russian aggression is the result of the geopolitically pathetic nature of Western leaders” who view money as more important than “law, conscience and honor.”  What has happened in Ukraine already is horrific; “but this is only a pittance compared with what awaits the world tomorrow.”

By its pathetic failure to respond with anything more than economic sanctions, he continues, “the Western countries are in fact pushing the Putin criminals to carry out serious military crimes.”  And it is now clear that “sanctions are a fake which are not capable of stopping the fires of the war which has already begun.”

Everyone is aware that Ukraine by itself “is not capable of opposing the military might of Russia” and that the West has condemned it to defeat by its “demonstrative inaction.” This Western “policy” is “in every respect immoral,” especially given Western expressions of “concern” about what is going on which in turn are a reflection of “banal hypocrisy and exceptional cynicism.”

“The blame for the continuation of Russian aggression in Ukraine lies in full measure on the West” which its “beautiful and correct words” have done nothing to conceal “the traitorous nature” of its failure to act against Putin and Russian aggression, Ivlyev says.

“But,” as he points out, “the earth is round, and a time will come when understanding will come as well. Only the price of this understanding,” just like 70 years ago, “will be very high,” yet another confirmation of the truth of the ancient observation that “the most expensive thing on earth is stupidity because one has to pay for it most of all.”

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  • Kruton

    The truth!

  • Brent

    “Red Line” Obama, “Cease Fire” Merkl, and “No Troops” Rasmussen have secured their place in history as this generations “Chamberlains” who failed to support an innocent country from being invaded by another midget tyrant. Shame on all of you. Shame on any trolls out there that made feckless excuses for “offramps”, “letting Putin save face”, and trying to negotiate with him when he continually blatantly lied about what was happening and what his intentions were. You all have the blood of Ukraine and all the future soldiers who will be needed to defeat the new Hitler. Hopefully your children will not have to fight him and his regime, and hopefully your all important stock portfolios collapse to make you realize the value of a human life is more important than “economic downturn” because of significant and real and effective sanctions.

    • sandy miller

      I’m ashamed to be an american. Brent everything you’ve said is true. I cry for Ukraine. If only I was young again. I’d pick up a nuclear bomb and put it right on that botox monkey’s face. As all these Russians come to America to work they still believe in Putin…They should all be forced out of America if they like Putin so well go back and live under him. Send your children to war and watc ch them die like Ukrainian mothers are doing today. Every Ukrainian should make it their purpose to get Putler.

  • evanlarkspur

    We must take action now.

  • Jacks Channel

    All of you politicians should be fired. Putin is wrong. Russia is wrong. Do something about it. Ukraine has asked for our help because they can’t defend themselves and you hide.

    Here, I’ll do your job for you. I just sent Ukraine all of the military equipment they need to fight the Russians on their level. What will Vlad do? Who cares. To WAR!

  • Murf

    Christ! I never thought I would be agreeing with a Russian.
    When history looks back on these events they are not going to care if Obama had a cool social agenda. They wont remember that FOX News used harsh language criticizing of him. The Bright promise of “Yes we can!” campaign will seem amusing in a trage-o-comic sort of way.
    He only be remembered for the fact that when faced with naked aggression in Europe he chose to “lead from behind.”
    History will say “This was the moment it could have been stopped.”
    Our children will ask, “Why was nothing done?”
    Scholars will say “with the barest of sanctions or show of force the situation could have been painlessly resolved.”
    He said his foreign policy was to “Try to not do anything stupid.”
    Inaction is it’s own brand of stupid.