Situation serious but not catastrophic — Poroshenko



2014/08/28 • News

The situation in the Donbas is extremely complex but under control, President Poroshenko said at the opening of an emergency session of the National Security and Defense Council (RNBO) on Thursday, August 28, 2014, reports Korrespondent.

Poroshenko explained that units of the Russian army have come to the aid of the illegal armed groups operating in eastern Ukraine after the successes of the ATO (anti-terrorist operation) forces.

“Columns of heavy equipment, a great quantity of weapons, and regular military units of the Russian Federation have come from Russia through the uncontrolled border areas to rescue the gang of terrorists,” he said

The president also stated that the situation in the east of Ukraine was complex but that it was under control. “I will be honest. The situation is certainly extremely complex and no one is going to downplay it. However, it under control — sufficiently under control that we must avoid panic and keep a cool head, common sense, and evaluate our next steps,” he said.

Poroshenko stated that Ukraine is capable of responding to the threat of military aggression. “We’re able to protect ourselves. Yes, we do need modern hi-tech weapons and we need funds for intelligence. These negotiations have been completed by now and I am convinced that our situation in that respect will improve significantly.” he said.

Poroshenko appealed to Ukrainians for calm, unity and solidarity. “Military operations are taking place in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. They represent not only the liberation of the Donbas but also the defense of all of Ukraine. Right now, during these days, during these hours, the real struggle for the true independence of our country is taking place,” he stated.

According to the National Security and Defense Council, Russian troops have seized a number of towns in the south of the Donetsk Oblast. As a result, the president has cancelled a planned visit to Turkey and called an emergency meeting of the Security Council.

korrespondent, translated by Anna Mostovych


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  • Kruton

    Rally to Petro!

  • evanlarkspur

    The US must fulfill its obligations to Ukraine under the Budapest memorandum. Period. No more bullshit. We have too much honor to hide behind the fine print after Ukraine actually gave up their nukes. We must do what is right, regardless of whether Europe can summon the will to do so as well. The US must lead, and pilot our course by the stars, not the lights of feckless passing ships.

    • Murf

      Well said Sir!
      Now that they have stuck their noses out it is time to chop it off.
      This battle is inevitable so if we do not confront Putin here then it will b some were else and he will be even stronger after having beaten the west.
      Crush them now while it’s only a few thousand.
      Maybe the harsh lessen will be learned before things have to get EVERY ugly.

    • Hilko

      Unfortunately I am afraid that the US is “happy” with the current situation. They also have other priorities with the Islam terrorists in Syria/Iraq (has Putin armed those medieval barbarians, to keep the rest of the world busy while he works on restoring the Soviet Union?)

      What I mean by ‘the US is happy’, is that for the US the rather strong relations between EU and Russia – especially from a trade perspective, would have been worrying. Russia’s economy was getting stronger than ever before (especially due to selling gas to EU countries). This has helped Russia’s efforts in the past years to further develop their defense industry and they have been a lot more successful then the USA in their big projects with for example new generation fighter jets, new and improved tanks and air defense. USA’s huge defense projects have been hampered by setbacks and defense spending cutbacks of all partners world wide in general and NATO / EU partners specifically.

      Due to Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine, the EU-Russia relations are now under intense pressure and have definitely cooled down a lot. Almost all EU countries are re-evaluation their military spending cutbacks (Netherlands for example already decided the last week to immediately add 100 million to the budget of the military with further increases on the near horizon, where as before there were talks of an additional 500 million cutback)

      A large sum of the increased spending on defense/military budgets will end up with USA companies, which will also help indirectly finance the USA military projects of course.

      If NATO would declare war on Russia, World War 3 is right around the corner.

      Everyone , Putin included , is trying to stay away from that.

      But with the current situation where Russia is flat out lying about their intentions and actions, everyone is losing. Except for USA.

      As I described above, USA will be benefiting from the increased spending on military from her partners.

      All EU countries are loosing financially and economically, due to the trade sanctions imposed on Russia

      Half of the EU countries risk a cold Russian-winter when they take actual action to stop Putin – since Putin can just turn off the gas.

      Several EU / NATO countries are feeling the breath of Russia in their neck. After Ukraine, they can be next (and sooner or later WILL BE, Moldova and the baltic states being the first)

      Russia is also loosing. Predictions are that the Russian economy will decline more than 5% in 2015. Some predictions go as far as 75 billion dollars loses out of a total of 450 billion. Russia will not be able to keep that up. The potential wins in Ukranian natural reserves (shale gas in Donbass and actual gas in Crimea/sea of Azov) is nowhere near enough to compensate that.

      Russian soldiers are dying.

      Crimea is losing terribly, although they may only being to realize this partly. Russia already cant support Crimea, even if their economy would be healthy, there are also the huge issues with actually getting stuff (food) and people into and out of the region (hello 60-hour waiting lines in front of the straight of Kerch), people there are being forced to take on Russian citizenship, people hardly get to talk to their families abroad.

      Ukraine is of course losing the most.

      2600+ peoples lives have already been lost.

      Numerous people are scarred for life, physical, emotional.

      People are losing everything they have.

      It’s terrible. I feel sick to my stomach while writing this.

      I dont see a solution.

      EU is afraid that Putin will turn off the gas and cant do really that much more than impose some sanctions. EU is too much split up to take decisive action. And every decision that is taken takes forever.

      A full all out war with a nuclear-capable Russia is a total nightmare.

      USA has more to lose than to win with any possible action they could take, so for them it’s better to not take too much action and just hope that Russia would withdraw – this would be the best actually, since Putin will loose face big time and Russia will of course suddenly not be so impressive / frightning anymore.

      USA will just provide council and some semi-covert support. They also can’t risk a full blown war with Russia.

      One of the few possibilities, but this is one that would take weeks or even months, is that the UN intervenes. UN blue helmet peacekeepers could be the ones to be guarding Ukraine’s borders. Russia cannot shell UN peacekeeping forces. Russia cannot covertly kill UN soldiers, without a definite investigation following swiftly.
      One huge issue here is that Russia will block any such action with their right to Veto everything in the UN. Russia is a permanent member of the UN security council.
      And Ukraine does not want the Russian pieceskeepers (not peace keepers, there is no such thing as a Russian peace keeper…..) on their territory, because that is the whole problem: Russian (covert?)soldiers causing unrest and revolt on Ukraine soil.
      A second huge issue with this will be that in the current situation where there is continuous fighting, no country will volunteer their soldiers into this war zone.
      And aside Ukraine, no country will propose this solution. Also because all will be afraid of the wrath of the Russians.
      Only perhaps Canada, Poland and perhaps the baltic states would come up with this, who are also possible subjects of Russian aggression.

      All that Ukraine can hope for is that public opinion in Russia swings and stops favoring Putin so madly and deeply. At some point, Russian citizens need to realize their kids are really dying in Ukraine. That their little joys are being taken away from them (Dutch and French cheese, Polish apples, McDonalds… etc.) Up till that point there is nothing that can really change, unless Ukraine folds and bows down for Putin and Ukraine again becomes a vassal state of Moscow with some Kremlin muppet like Yanukovitch in power. But too many people have already given their lives for the freedom of Ukraine.

      Again…. I dont see a solution. And I dont really see any country or organisation coming to the aid of Ukraine :(

  • Kruton

    I think you can fire over the border now Petro!

  • Matti Istanmäki

    You got war in your hands. There’s only one way to handle invasion. Take everything you got and give enemy hell they are asking for. Think about costs later.
    And more:
    Be goddam stubborn. Don’t give up. Be creative and smart. Don’t lose your humanity but be ruthless in battle. Be unite.

    Be ready for sacrifices, your independence is at stake.

  • sandy miller

    call your representatives in washington and ask them to help Ukraine. Stop buying all european products and any american company doing business in Russia. Put it out on facebook and anywhere you can. Write editorials in your local newspaper and tell them what’s going on. We need to get the Germans to do the right thing. If anyone has German friends with influence tell them to help Ukraine. We can’t just keep commenting on these sites that only the russians and ukrainians maybe read. With the small amout of comments it makes

  • Kruton

    Wheres the counterattack?