If Russia invades Mariupol, thousands of coffins will follow — Korban



2014/08/28 • News

If Russia enters Mariupol or advances further, thousands of “Cargo 200” (Russian code word for military casualties) shipments will go back to Russia, said Hennadiy Korban, deputy head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration (RSA), reports Ukrainska Pravda, August 28. Korban made the comments during a discussion with the publication on the regional Defense Council meeting.

According to Korban, the regional Defense Council, meeting on Thursday, August 28, is implementing “Plan B,” which also includes incorporating Dnipropetrovsk with  Zaporizhia Oblast and areas adjacent to the Donetsk Oblast.

“The ‘Plan B’ will be implemented during the meeting. I can’t reveal details because it is classified information,” he said. “We invited the leadership of the Zaporizhia Oblast and we’re including them in the plan. Technically, we have assumed the responsibility for defending this oblast because it is weaker and we realize that invasion could occur first of all along the boundary of the Zaporizhia Oblast,” he said

“This is why we’re taking on the protection of this oblast and the adjoining territories, especially Mariupol and everything beyond,” he said.

At the same time, Korban announced that if Russian troops enter the territory of the Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia oblasts, then thousands of “Cargo 200” shipments will go back to Russia, “so that Russians finally come to their senses and take a sober look at the leadership of their country,” Korban said.

“The Russian Federation will simply shudder at the number of “Cargo 200″ shipments that go back in the event of an invasion,” he concluded.

Earlier, deputy governor of the Dnipropetrovsk RSA  Sviatoslav Oliynyk explained that the Defense Council includes the heads of law enforcement agencies in the oblast, as well as military leaders, national security representatives, and the leadership of the Zaporizhia RSA.

Sources: pravda, pravda. Written by Anna Mostovych


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  • Jacks Channel

    Enough of Putin’s Golden Horde.

    Glory to the Heros.

  • tga999

    Russians have tolerated corruption and repression from Putin for far too long because they think he’s able to deliver stability and prosperity. Now that his actions are resulting in dead Russians, instability and economic decline, why would the Russian public continue to support him? The Russian media will try to spin it as well as they can, but at some point the public have to wise up.

    • sandy miller

      tga999 you give the russians too much credit for rational thought. These are people who have been ruled with an iron fist all of their history they do not know how to think for themselves or have any compassion or empathy for anyone else. Look how they’re calling for Ukrainian blood.

  • http://euromaidanpress.com Mat

    Would make sense to expand Dnipro to include Donbas and Zapo, or at least Donbas

    Need to reorganize the oblasts, new borders, new realities.

  • Kruton

    Kill the Russians! Pile their bodies up! That is the way to victory!

    • Alain Nestos

      Others have tried before, hahaha !

      • Kruton

        And many succeeded .

        • Dirk Smith

          Most have succeeded due to muscovite ineptitude.

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  • evanlarkspur

    Russia sends stuff IN without approval from the Ukrainian government. It’s time to start sending some stuff back OUT. Russian bodies are a good response in this case, I think.

  • Dirk Smith

    Time to break out the UPA book on guerilla warfare.

  • Murf

    I love this mans spirit and determination. UA cold use more like him. Hell make him a General. Couldn’t do worse that some of the knuckle heads

  • Milton Devonair

    “War may be a war, but we have to defeat the enemies of war to get rid of the disease”

    russia is ebola to humans.

  • rw

    The US and EU must send their most modern weapons to the Ukraine. They need to start laying mines if they haven’t already, especially in the South. They need M1 Abrams, Apache gun ships, satellite coverage, and advanced radar systems. They must intensify their recruitments and training; all the typical stuff. Putin wants a war? Let’s give him one. Let’s give him a full on wide open proxy war with NATO. FRANCE!!!!! DO NOT HAND THOSE MISTRAL SHIPS OVER TO PIG PUTIN. FUCK PUTIN !!! THE LITTLE CHILD FUCKER