Geoffrey Pyatt: Russian Invasion Begins

Russian captives from the 98th Airborne Forces division

Russian captives from the 98th Airborne Forces division 

2014/08/28 • News

Russia deployed the newest air defense systems in Donbas. Russian army is now participating in Donbas War, – Geoffrey Pyatt, the USA ambassador to Ukraine, wrote in his Twitter.

According to Pyatt, russian supplied tanks, armored machinery, artillery and multiple rocket launchers are obviously not going to cut it and defeat Ukrainian army. So, now an increasing number of Russian troops are invading directly in Ukraine.”

“Russia also transported its newest air defense systems, including SA-22, into the eastern Ukraine and is directly involved in fighting,” – he added.


edited by Anna Palagina



  • BungaBonga

    I don’t understand why Ukraine didn’t yet stopped the pipeline transit from russia to europe !!!

    1st ) This is money flow to russia which in turn is being used to finance the war. Yes, Ukraine is winning some 2 bil. per year, but the amount russia wins is much much more. So russia earns money with it, uses it to buy high-end technology and military equipment and then attacks Ukraine with it. All with transit from Ukrainian territory worth tens of billions. If you have the guts to send your sons to fight and die in the front, you shall have the guts to stop that pipe too.

    2nd ) Europe’s hypocritical policies and the good cop – bad cop played by Merkel and Putin shall leave you no moral dilemma in this case. No need to mention even the French mistrals, the British weapons or the German war factories equipment for russia. What you get from the west at the best is hypocritical deep concern and illusionary red lines.

    War seems to be just business for some, but for you it’s a place where your nation youth is dying. You need to do more than dying and crying, you need to use all options you got left.

  • Svarun

    No worries, the US gov. expressed “deep concern” and Frau Ribbentrop Merkel asked comrade Putin for explanation – one more time. Everything is under control. / sarc

    The West got over Russian brutal suppression of the Chechen independence, occupation of Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Crimea, violation of the Budapest Memorandum and other international rules, shooting down of MH17, bullying of all Russian neighbors, spying and cyber attacking the rest of the world etc. etc….

    Chamberlain policy of appeasement has failed before and it is failing once again, tragically. Putin will not stop.

    Hint: Gazprom pipelines. Kerch ferries.

  • wooly bully

    Oh BongaBanga…”What you get from the west at the best is hypocritical deep concern and illusionary red lines.”….Really? Can you name ONE treaty the Soviet Union or Russia ever honored? No major war has ever been started by a man over 5 foot 8″.
    Napolean, Hitler, Hirohito, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, the list goes on. Coincidence? Our little 5 ft 7″ mad man in Moscow may soon join the list. As John F. Kennedy said, “The price of Freedom is high, but Americans have always been willing to pay for it.” Bonga…you wish to go live in Moscow? This can be arranged.

    • BungaBonga

      It amuses me how after so much i have written i still get misunderstood. But anyway.

      Leaders like Kennedy or Reagan are a rare privilege to have and your Obama is not even worthy polishing their shoes. Kennedy wise words are long past and complete opposite to your current actions. As someone stated above there are plenty of cases like Chechnya, Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Crimea and it somehow evades me to see how you are paying the price to defend the freedom there. Kennedy went to Berlin at the midst of the Berlin wall crisis and solved the Cuban missile crisis too, all your nigger can solve now is how to hit the next golf hole.

      • Anna Palagina

        Mr. Bonga, I give you 12 hrs to remove the N-word from your post. It is hatespeech. Otherwise I will be forced to ban you.

        • Michel Cloarec

          Typical of BungaBonga. Nothing to say ! So goes on with insults !
          Shame on you bungabonga

      • Anna Palagina

        Bunga, “fuck” does not insult a group of people based on who they were born. The difference is clear, I think.

        • Anna Palagina

          To elaborate. Hatespeech is called hatespeech for a reason. Calling a member of socially-deprived group with derogatory words helps you to overcome your humanity in case one day your government tells you to go shoot these subhumans. Russians have been calling ukrainians derogatory words for centuries, most used them without any specific hatred in mind, just because everyone around did so. And look how that turned out. It has been notoriously easy for their propaganda machine to convince them that their former “friends” eat russian babies and kill russian people for dinner. Why? Because “harmless” anecdotes about baby-eating have been around for generations.

  • Murf

    UA should announce that they will fight this war with EVERY means at their disposal to inflict ANY form of damage on Russia available to them.
    Let Frau Merkel stew on that.
    It’s time to stop playing nice and depending on soothing words and sympathy. The EU and US needs to get some skin in the game.

    • Svarun

      THIS. But Ukraine has to get rid of traitors planted inside the ATO HQ sabotaging Ukrainian troops.

      Someone mentioned the “Swiss model” of defence. YES. Ukrainian gov. should start delivering weapon to pro Ukrainian citizens and creating secret catches of weapon & ammunition.

      Again: Russian pipelines crossing Ukraine… that would hurt.

      • Murf

        I love the principle of the Citizen Soldier and the Swiss model, in principle.
        The idea of every militia member having a battle rifle in their closet takes a certain national psychology. I wouldn’t recommend it in a lot of countries including my own the US. To many knuckle heads, scumbags running around.
        That said UA needs a strong militia. Up until 2000 they had a formidable National Guard that could have almost doubled the regular Army in a matter of weeks. The US model can be very effective with local armories and units geared to augmenting the standing forces. UA could have put a hundred thousand men in the field in a matter of weeks at a much higher level of training than the enthusiastic but raw volunteers. even with training and equipment you can have 4 guards men for the cost 1 active duty soldier.

  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    Would be appreciated if pres. Obama took his focus off iraq/syria and gave appropriate attention to the crisis in ukraine.