Minsk results: Putin’s new demand and a second front against Ukraine

Heads of States of the Customs Union and representatives of the European Commission attend their summit in Minsk


2014/08/27 • Politics

Dry messages from Minsk don’t shed much light on the Minsk meetings. It is only clear that Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin did not agree on many accounts. It was not even explained why PEACE TALKS followed the “European Union – Customs Union” format.

Whatever Putin has on his mind, ITAR-TASS reports on. When leafing through this wonderful agency in the morning, one can filter through Kremlin lies and understand the real agenda:

  • Russia strives to stop Ukraine’s European integration. The Kremlin has enough gal to amend the base agreement “Ukraine – The EU,” trying to remove so-called “risks for Russia” from the document. The worst thing is that a trilateral meeting (Ukraine, Russia, the EU) has already been appointed in Brussels on September 12 to discuss the implementation of the Association Agreement. EU Commissioner for Trade Karel de Gucht confirmed this in Minsk. Mr. Gucht was very flattering towards the “terrorist #1,” stating: “I believe that we are able to find a solution for so-called trade difficulties which arise as a result of the implementation of the Association Agreement…” Down goes the curtain.
  • For sated Europe to continue being agreeable to the demands made by “terrorist #1,” Vladimir Putin made it clear that they would cut off gas to EU countries. In order not to present long quotes courtesy of Mr. Putin, I will retell their essence: Russia cannot carry out its duty for transit because Ukraine filed a plaint against “Gazprom.”

Read his lips: Brussels has to support the gas, political and military blackmail against Kyiv, otherwise the winter in Western Europe will be long and cold.

Another curtain goes down. Lavrov plays the march.

In sum:

  1. #Crimeaisours is not on the agenda, Putin’s gang is no longer concerned with the risks that someday the peninsula might return to Ukraine. The Russian Federation understands that the Customs Union without Ukraine is ineffective. Putin doesn’t need the “Russian world” but export markets, a buffer zone with the EU and renewed influence on Europe.
  2. Our real allies are the EU and Britain. Their principles remain principles despite of the change in the consumer conjuncture.
  3. The old world, the base countries of the European community are more concerned with their ratings before the elections that democracy on the continent or the fight against state terrorism. Therefore it is better for them to send Ukraine to the Asian world, force Kyiv to buy Russian gas on prices that are twice as high than enter confrontation with the Russian Federation, and to by American shale gas instead of Russian gas.

The temperature inside the European voters’ homes dropping by 2 degrees is more important than the thousands of victims in the East of Ukraine. This is the reality. After this we shouldn’t become europhobes, it’s just that every situation should be made perfectly clear.

Source: Obozrevatel

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • evanlarkspur

    Putin sits in a negotiation regarding the situation in Ukraine while his soldiers cross the border and continue the invasion. Nothing that comes from his lips has any connection to reality. He has no shred of integrity. The sly look on his face as he shook Poroshenkos hand says all. Cut Russia off from the civilized world. The cost of it this winter is much lower than the dangers of relying on them in any way whatsoever. Enough.

  • John Sheehy 

    I do not agree with point no 3., it was not needed to fight an actual war to bring down the Soviets. Similar methods will work again but they will not take as long.
    Ukraine is more than capable of defeating the terrorists without British and US military intervention. It is Russia which fears an all out conflict, if they did not fear it, they would have already sent in larger number of troops.
    All out war with the West would destroy Russia while Western Europeans would be mildly inconvenienced. The reality is that Russia does not have other market for it’s resources, they are not yet able to sell them to China in anywhere near the same volumes. The West has the financial muscle to pay a bit more while it puts the infrastructure in place to replace Russian supplies.

    • Bob

      Yes Ukr can defeat the separatist forces, even with them getting Rus mil support. But the game has now changed. The question is can Ukr hold out against the Rus army without western military support? As the US/EU are to politically weak to react I guess we are going to find out the answer to this question.

  • Dirk Smith

    Starvation vs. Frostbite. Cold War indeed. The West/NATO has more cards to play than third-world Russia. Start playing…..

  • Kruton

    Kill the Russians and Ukraine will win.

  • Mazepa

    Nuclear strikes in moscow and st petersburg. The W. Europeans and mockali have been warned.
    Smert mockalyam.

  • sandy miller

    Bomb the kremlin NOW….make sure Putler and his regime are in it. That would save the entire world a lot of trouble having to deal with that blackmailing bastard.