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2014/08/27 • Daily Updates

Map from the NSDC of Ukraine

ATO update from the ATO press center, August 27

Enemy losses: 3 tanks, 1 one armored fighting vehicle, two BM 21 Grads, four mortars, one car and one BM-30 Smerch. Also, 225 terrorists were killed. This was all accomplished by artillery strikes on illegal armed formations in the vicinity of Horlivka and Ilovaisk. One mortar position of the enemy was destroyed by artillery fire in response to an attack on our position near the settlement of Krasnyi Yar.

Defensive battles for the settlements Novosvetlovka and Hryaschiuvate continue. Rodakovo, Illyria, and Malomykolayivka are being cleared by ATO units.  Fighting continues inside Ilovaisk, and for the access routes and the surrounding heights.

Shelling from Russian territory was resumed. In particular, a blow was inflicted on Ukrainian infantry positions nearby Makarov. In adddition the positions and checkpoints of ATO were shelled near Novosvetovka, Verhunskyy Rozyizd. The Donetsk airfield was shelled twice from Grads.

During the day the Russian side continued to transfer military equipment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to regions bordering with Ukraine, primarily to the Rostov Oblast. At the same time, military presence of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the border regions of Belgorod, Kursk, Voronezh and Bryansk oblasts of Russia has been reduced.


We have received data on the movement of a convoy of military equipment consisting of up to 100 units. (tanks, APCs, Grads,  BMPs) on the road connecting Starobeshevo – Telmanovo, moving in the direction of Telmanovo. The equipment has white triangles on it as a distinguishing mark.

According to our information, at the outskirts of Pobjeda  a headquarters of a Battalion Tactical Group (BTG) of the Russian Federation has been set up. 5 BTRs and 1 Kamaz with manpower entered Amvrosiivka. A convoy of 6 Grads, 8 covered Kamaz lorries, and 2 Urals with manpower have crossed from the Russian Federation through Dibrovka moving in the direction of Dmytrivka.

Additionally, according to information from the NSDC, 7 villages were captured by terrorist forces to the North of Novoazovsk.

Source: ATO press center, @NSDC_ua, translated by Alya Shandra, edited by Larry Field

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  • Murf

    Nice shooting Tex!
    Sounds like the UA artillery is getting its act together. That kind of damage doesn’t happen but accident. Unlike Russian land navigation.

    These are recons in force to determine the UA’s strength on the northern and southern flanks of the “Donebas Saliant”. If the flanks are weak, they attack there and attempt to encircle the ATO units. If they are strong the Russians will continue to probe and force UA to spread out to protect them. Meanwhile Russia will continue to build up it’s forces in the “Donebas Salient”. When the time is right they will attempt a break out to the north towards Slavyansk and south toward Maripul.
    Having cut off the majority of the UA army and secured “Novo Russia” they will declare a cease fire. and eventually annex the area.
    This is classic Soviet tactics.
    UA needs to bring up the three brigades that were manhandled along the boarder and move the 1st guards Armored Brigade into a position to blunt the the attack some where due east of Donetsk.

  • Kruton

    Kill the Russians!

  • Covjek1

    Oh boy, what a complete mess. The sooner the Ukrainian army figures out that this is a full fledged war and not an “ATO”, things will turn around. What you have here is Russians trying (and obviously succeeding) in keeping a status quo. I concur with Murf that what we see here is recon in force to feel out the weak spots in the defence line. Firstly, your propaganda machine is shit. If you want to win this war, you got to win in peoples minds before war weariness sets in. Second, you don`t sweep by the Russian border and leave a soft belly. That empty territory must be filled with soldiers. I`m not sure why wasn`t there a general mobilization of able bodied men to support the effort by guarding liberated villages and comunications. Led the volunteer brigades spearhead the offensive while the conscripts do background duty. Oh, and presight the communications network leading from the Russian border, it will shorten the response time of artillery as we see Russian tank columns making headway over major roads undisputed. I wish the Ukrainian people all the best from Croatia!

  • Murf

    I hate it when I am right.

    There where plenty of warning signs that the attack was immanent. I thought 48 to 72 hours after the meeting. I was off by a bit depending on how you define invasion. The UA army has had four five months to get ready.

    The question is are they.

    Does any one know if the reconstituting brigades are moving up? Were is the the 1st Armored?

    I predict the northern attack will commence with in the next 48 hours more likely 24. Attack is necessary to relive Luhansk and secure the northern part of the Oblast.

    However Maripul is the main objective take that and the whole DPR is a viable entity.

    This is what it all comes down too. After all the screaming and loud conversation it all boils down will the army fight and will the Ukrainian people support them?
    I pray they do so.