Adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister: Russia launches full-scale invasion

2014/08/27 • War in the Donbas

Adviser of the Minister of the Interior Zorian Shkiryak emphasized that Russian troops are invading Ukraine in several directions. 

Zorian Shkiryak, adviser to the Minister of Interior of Ukraine, has announced that Russia’s military has launched a full-scale invasion into Ukraine on air of He noted that this massive invasion is happening in several directions, and that the Russian General Staff is trying to diffuse the [Ukrainian] Anti-Terrorist Force. According to him, this is done to seize settlements in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts.

In the evening of August 27, Russian forces had taken control of Novoazovsk, forcing Ukrainian troops to retreat.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had tweeted #RussiaInvadesUkraine and #UkraineUnderAttack, for the first time officially acknoledging that Russia invaded Ukraine.

Earlier, the Foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt had tweeted that the conflict in Ukraine had crossed a threshold when it can be called a war.

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  • Jacks Channel

    Its WAR! Gutless politicians better start helping Ukraine right now.

    Putin has no business in Ukraine and you politicians know it. If parts of Ukraine fall, its your fault for not helping a weaker nation thats in the right. Fear of nuclear war is not an excuse.

  • Dirk Smith

    This is the beginning of the end of Putin and his disastrous reign of ineptitude.

    • Jacks Channel

      I hope so.

    • FrBorislav Kroner

      Dear Drik, I am with you and I hope you are right, but I would be curious to know as to why you think this will be his undoing?

      • Dirk Smith

        Russia is a one-dimensional petrostate which has now become fascist. Putin’s KGB-driven economic brilliance is to seize the key industries, imprison or exile the CEO’s, and absorb them into the government. ie; corporatism.
        2.) Maintain age-old Soviet myths about NATO, “Nazis,” and “fascists.” This diverts from the realities of Russia’s fragile third-world economy with memories of the good old days of the USSR, which Putin is a product of.
        3.) Export terror. Do you believe Litvinenko’s poisoning, MH17, Moscow bombings, Yushchenko’s poisoning, the murder of the Polish government in Smolensk in 2012, etc are coincidences?
        I could go on, but if it walks like a duck, guess what…..
        I also believe his power has made him mentally ill with megalomania. The end result will be the destruction of Russia’s economy, military, and standing within the international forum. Unfortunately, many more innocent lives will be lost due to his increasing delusions of grandeur. The bully needs to stopped in his tracks or else……

        • FrBorislav Kroner

          I hope you are right. Lord Have Mercy. Slava Ukraini!

  • Alex Smith

    The West MUST help Ukraine. Otherwise Ukraine would have had its 3-rd nuclear arsenal in the world – that would definitely make putin think about his actions

  • sandy miller

    Thanks Carl you finally figured that out …now what are you going to do about it? I bet a little talk and go back to business as usual.

  • Brent

    The best strategy for Ukraine’s army is to set a nice ambush for Russia’s army as it advances towards Mariupol and send as back as many little baby “Colorados” back to home to their waiting “Mama Colorados” in body bags as possible. This highway runs along the Sea of Azov, so they can shell the advancing army from the sea as well. There will be no excuses or lies from Putin or Russia that Ukraine is firing onto Russian territory.

    The second thing that needs to happen is a collective of “extricating craniums from rectums” among EU leaders, NATO and “Red Line” Obama and finally stop falling for Putin-occhio’s incessant string of lies. Frau Ribbentrop declared Ukraine territorial integrity was not up for negotiation this past weekend, so let’s see her stand behind her words with some actions and support for the invaded Ukraine.

    If the EU, NATO and U.S. still refuse to help out or provide any support, then it’s time to blow up as much of Russia’s gas pipelines as possible to the EU. This will shut down Russia’s revenue and send EU a nice little ‘thanks for the assistance’.

    • Dirk Smith

      Right on. If NATO and EU continue to appease, then Ukraine must take matters into their own hands. Ukraine was shit upon by 4-5 countries throughout the 20th Century with the muscovites being the biggest offender. Enough.

  • Walter Salmaniw

    Bastards! To all the Kremlin apologists, useful idiots all, I don’t know how you can sleep at night. Ukraine will overcome this agression.

  • Brax

    We need some helps, right now! Russian army is bigger, more experienced and better equipped. Ukraine doesn’t have a chance to stay against it by itself. And no one know, who will be next: Poland, Georgia, Finland or one of the Baltic states.