Boris Nemtsov: Kremlin asserts that Banderites are fighting Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Donbas, while Russian soldiers are buried in secret



2014/08/26 • Analysis & Opinion

“So is Putin’s Russia fighting against Ukraine or not? Agitprop says not. Well, they’re saying it’s a civil war between the Russian-speaking East and Banderites in Kyiv. However, the commanders of Donetsk units are from Moscow, and Russian servicemen are being secretly buried in Pskov, those who died on the battlefield. But, it’s all agitprop and the Russian Foreign Ministry denies everything. Except, perhaps, the Order of Suvorov for military merit that was awarded to the 76 Airborne Division.” writes Nemtsov on his FB page.

Nemtsov says that Russian authorities have “messed up” one important thing.

“Putin’s government has made a major blunder with regard to the flag and symbols of Ukraine. Hysteria and arresting activists who brandish blue and yellow banners on the streets of Moscow testify to one thing only – Russia is at war with Ukraine and symbols of the belligerent country are a deep insult to Putin’s men whose brains and souls have been washed by propaganda.”

“It was more straightforward in Georgia. Russia declared openly that Russian soldiers were fighting, that they hated Saakashvili and wanted to carve up the country. But, they proceed differently in Ukraine – it’s ignoble and underhand, and there are so many lies…” pointed out Nemtsov.

“It really doesn’t matter, Ukraine will survive! There will be peace, and the scumbags who kindled the conflict and set Russians and Ukrainians against each other will be damned to hell.” he concluded.

Boris Nemtsov is a Russian opposition politician, a co-chair of the RPR-PARNAS political party and one of the leaders of Solidarnost movement

Source:, translated by Christine Chraibi


  • Brent

    Finally a Russian politician speaking honestly and openly about his country’s actions against Ukraine. Sadly, he likely ends up charged with “income tax evasion”, or murdered by “cleaning his gun while driving his car” like so many other honest Russian dissidents…

    • RedGA

      Don’t forget banned chemical weapons or radiation poison.

  • RedGA

    You have to love a revolution and fight for independence when 90% of those fighting and leading the fight are from another nation. When most people in this area are hiding and trying to live a normal life it shows what sort of movement this is. As much flak as Russia gives the US for injecting themselves in other people’s business Russia/USSR has its own history of going in telling people they need to be liberated insisting at the barrel of a gun. Veterans of Afghanistan should understand this more than any. Chechnya as well.

  • Dirk Smith

    I laugh that people still actually buy into russia’s Stalinist propaganda 60+ years after the fact. “Banderites?” “Nazis?” The only fascists here are from russia. And cowardly ones at that.

    • Brent

      You are so right! Stephen Bandera, whom the KGB assassinated over 60 years ago, still makes them live in fear. Yet neo Nazi’s like Gubarev and Borodai get their support….amazing!

  • jmundstuk

    How long will HE survive?