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2014/08/26 • Analysis & Opinion

Nikolai Podosokorsky

Vedomosti newspaper writes that 84% of Russians approve of the embargo on imported food.

I searched for “84% of Russians” in Yandex, and it became apparent who is it that approves of this ban on Western food in Russia in particular:

84% of Russians did not give assistance to refugees from Ukraine.

84% of Russians are afraid of flying on airplanes.

84% of Russians support the abolition of the moratorium on the death penalty.

84% of Russians have tried smoking at least once in their lives.

84% of Russians call the events in Ukraine a state coup.

84% of Russians were unable to name a single achievement of D. Medvedev’s Cabinet of Ministers.

84% of Russians are satisfied with Putin’s responses at the direct line.

84% of Russians have no money for accommodation.

84% of Russians are satisfied with the level of the Russian educational system.

84% of Russians don’t go to museums (70% don’t know they are near, 14 were never interested).

84% of Russians consider themselves patriots.

84% of Russians started doing their jobs worse due to the heat.

84% of Russians are dissatisfied with their salaries.

84% of Russians consider homosexual relations morally unacceptable.

And most importantly:

84% of Russians have never read the Constitution.

Nikolai Podosokorsky is a Novgorod-based blogger. The original text can be found on his LiveJournal. 


Source: Radio Liberty

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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