Zhirinovsky proposes ban on political parties and adoption of elective monarchy



2014/08/25 • Russia

“Democracy and the multiparty system were imposed on weak states.” said the leader of the Liberal Democratic Partyof Russia (LDPR), speaking at the All-Russian Youth Forum “Seliger”.

Lake Seliger/ Tver Oblast

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed a ban on political parties in Russia and advocated an elective monarchy.

“Democracy will destroy us. As long as we live under a democracy, we will have to crawl. In order not to crawl but advance, we need to move away from democracy and embrace an imperial form of government.” he said, speaking at the All-Russian Youth Forum “Seliger”.

“Democracy and the multiparty system were imposed on weak states.” said the parliamentarian.

“All parties should be banned! There should be a monarchy, but an elective one – five to six thousand people meet, the very best individuals, and choose an emperor!” he concluded.

Ed. – See more on Camp Seliger: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seliger

Source: itar-tass.com,  translated by Christine Chraibi

  • Brent

    Didn’t the Russian people shoot their last tsar and his family?

    I wonder if Zhirinovsky feels he is among the 5 to 6000 elite being allowed to elect their new “Emperor”….

  • Danny Smith

    I wonder who gave him the idea? would that have been Tzar Putin by any chance?

  • Donald Casavant

    This guy is really wacko! I am sure that he would never believe that the “people” of Russia will eventually choose what form of government will rule them. In any other country in the world this guy would be allocated a padded cell in a loony bin, but not in Russia where there is not enough room to build a big enough loony bin to hold people like him! What a clown!!! He is totally certifiable!!

  • Dirk Smith

    Judging by his teeth, he can’t even govern a toothbrush lot along people. Another old fascist spouting his irrational hate.

    • Los MariaCarol

      Dugin and he need serious dental work…

  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    This guy is a fool.

  • btheist


  • pithygirl

    Holy Moly!

  • evanlarkspur

    What more do we need to hear? Russia’s definition of “crawling” is respecting international law, treaties to which they are signatory, and other nations’ sovereignty. This view is utterly incompatible with everything we uphold and defend. We must simply separate uourselves from Russia In every way, and no longer allow them to profit from any access to our system of peace and respect for law and for human dignity and rights. They corrupt everything they touch, and the economic advancement we are providing them is being used against us. Lenin said of the West, “we will let them sell us the rope we will hang them with.”

  • Murf

    And yet the Russians keep accusing UA of being Nazis.
    This guy is crazy as a shit house rat.