Semenchenko plans to organize nationwide guerrilla movement



2014/08/25 • News

Semen Semenchenko, commander of the Donbas Battalion, wrote on his FB page that they will open a Call Centre of the Civic Committee for the organization of a guerilla movement in Ukraine.

He said that there will be a general meeting of leaders from different oblasts (regions) and a press conference will be held after the first group of leaders has been formed. Semenchenko promised to provide instructors and guerrilla training camps.

“Our country is in danger! I appeal to everyone who loves Ukraine to unite and prepare for civil war. This is the only way to stop the horde, sweep it off the pages of history and into the fires of eternal damnation.” wrote Semenchenko.

He asks leaders of local self-defense units, paramilitary organizations, patriotic associations from all over Ukraine, and concerned citizens to contact the Call Centre.

“Let us unite, train combat engineers, bomb technicians, snipers and paramedics, form and assign subversive groups, and develop defense strategies for our cities and villages.” added the Donbas commander.

Semen Semenchenko asked the President of Ukraine, the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, the Prime Minister, heads of security and law enforcement institutions, and government officials to support his initiative.

“Don’t be afraid of panic! We are not a nation of alarmists. Be open and start preparing the country for guerrilla warfare. Indeed, perhaps then it won’t even happen.” asserts Semenchenko.

On Independence Day, Semen Semenchenko wished Russian mercenaries a speedy capture.

Source:, translated by Christine Chraibi


  • Donald Casavant

    This is not what the country of Ukraine needs! Just think another group of “green men” running around the country playing vigilante and hunting people that do not do as they think they should do. Will the people in Ukraine ever learn? Groups of people like this are the main reason that the EU and USA will not send military equipment to Ukraine because they don’t know who will use the equipment and what they will use it for. If this yo-yo thinks that he is helping his country he is sadly mistaken.

    • rifak

      In the first place, don’t expect the US or the EU to help Ukraine in any way. They will only help Ukraine insofar as it may help them. I think this announcement along with the announcement by Heletey that he intends to form a national guard along the lines of the Swiss model are very positive developments and will lead to the closest thing to true independence.
      Secondly, don’t assume that Ukraine will devolve into warring bands of “green men”. That certainly is not the case in Switzerland.

      • Donald Casavant

        Thank you for telling me what I can and should not think.

        • rifak

          No one is telling you what you can and should not think. I just think you are wrong in your assumptions and I expressed that in my post just as you did in your post. Is it ok for me to express myself?
          I do think it would be a much more interesting discussion rather to focus on the merits of my points.

        • Martsy Ketlinski

          Guerilla war is extremely inconvenient for regular soldiers to fight. It can last for years and become a nightmare for invaders. Right now it’s them that use guerilla methods. Let them taste their own medicine then! Let them get another Afghanistan.

          • Milton Devonair

            Irregulars can fight the apes from russia at the same time the regular Ukrainian army is. The apes will just be killed and maimed by different looking people, all the time, anytime, anywhere.

            They should start teaching their population how to use anti tank and anti air rockets, mines, and small arms.

      • True_finn

        It seems that with Russia you must fight fire with fire… they dont understand other words…

        • Milton Devonair

          Exactly. Those apes never have understood “no” or “no thanks”. The only thing that has ever stopped them is violence. They have never stopped themselves. Apes cannot stop themselves.

    • Tatra

      Mr. Casavant,
      This is in keeping with a long Cossack tradition of citizen soldiers that goes back centuries. It says to any would-be conqueror, “you may defeat us, but you will never occupy us in peace”. In the 18th & early 19th century, it was called “Haidamaky”. What the outside world fails to understand about Ukrainians is that they are grateful and willing to be an ally (with Poland-Lithuania, Russia, Turkey, Sweden, Austria-Hungary, Germany, or EU & USA), but not a lackey. And only to the extent that it will help achieve their goal of an independent state. Walking that fine line has been the challenge of every Ukrainian leader, from Hetman to Presidents.

      • Milton Devonair

        “Ukrainians is that they are grateful and willing to be an ally, but not a lackey. And only to the extent that it will help achieve their goal of an independent state.”
        Sounds like Stephan Bandera. Imprisoned by the nazis then murdered by the soviet russians.
        Воины добра, воины света
        СЛАВА УКРАИНЕ!!!

        • Tatra

          I was thinking more like Nestor Makhno who fought a guerilla campaign during the civil war (1917-1921) against all outside forces:

          But there are many examples.

          • Milton Devonair

            He will work also and as you said, many examples. I like to use Stephan Bandera because the russian communists just hate him.
            Times change, russians don’t.

    • John Sheehy 

      Ukraine is not asking for military equipment, I haven’t heard any public requests plus they can buy from whomever they want such as the Israelis. Their restraint in not bombing civilian areas is making it slow progress, plus they are fighting a force which has been trained for a number of years in Russia to fight a guerilla war with very advanced hardware.
      The idea of training a reserve force trained in guerrilla warfare is actually a nice piece of propaganda, it is also pragmatic given the fact the West is powerless to stop Russia. At this stage nobody knows what the Russians are capable of, some of their firebrands have threatened to invade Poland for example.

    • Danny Gallo

      Eye for an eye right? what ever it takes without military assistance… scratch and bite baby

    • Milton Devonair

      The USA is lead by a sissy liberal/progressive/socialist, that’s why zerobama isn’t doing anything. If Ukrainians were black, he’d help them. zerobama is trash.
      Western europe is also liberal/progressive/socialist ran.
      So neither will help Poland, Ukraine, The Baltics, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.

      These countries do need to spend more on their regular units, BUT ALSO prepare and train their citizens in guerilla war and stockpile weapons throughout their countries. They AUGMENT, help the regular forces.

      The regular forces can fight them and when the russian apes take a break, the locals then can slaughter them like the rabid pigs they are, steal their weapons, then do it again, and again, and again…..

      The world is always on a path to a better place for humanity when russian blood is being spilled, the more the better. Death and violence are the only thing the apes in russia have ever understood.

    • Svarun

      “Groups of people like this are the main reason that the EU and USA will not send military equipment to Ukraine” – Pure and utter bullshit. The EU and USA don’t help Ukraine because our politicians (yes I’m European) have less balls than Chamberlain and our corporate elites are making handsome profits while trading with Russia – ignoring the core values the “West” is supposed to stand for.

      Ukraine has no other choice but to prepare for the worst – the guerrilla resistance against the Russian neo-imperial forces – while hoping for the best.

  • evanlarkspur

    Donald, if you read the articles about how the soldiers in the field are being abandoned by the military command as those criminals steal and sell everything on the black market instead of supporting the soldiers. The only people actually working for Ukraine and getting things done are the volunteers, in every sphere. It’s a mess, but if they rely on the government, Ukraine gets sold out.

  • Conan Edogawa SCL

    EU or US will not send weapons to Ukraine because such event could give Vladimir Putin the necessary justification to send weapons to Ukraine, this time openly and frankly. Vladimir Putin will say: “We have no guarantees that those Western weapons will NOT be used against Russian population in Donbas. We will send necessary equipment to Russian people in Ukraine so they can defend by themselves”.
    Think about it. In the current situation, Ukraine still have advantage over Russian mercenaries in Donbas, because Ukraine still can use all the weapons that Ukrainian military industry have. Just investigate about Ukrainian APCs, MBTs, and heavy weapons. Ukraine have the capacity to destroy Russian mercenaries. What Ukraine need is MONEY, so they can buy more weapons from abroad and produce more inside the country, including anti-tank missiles and SAMs. It’s wise to take a cautious approach about EU-US support to Ukraine with weapons.

  • Mazepa

    We have already started.