Terrorists march Ukrainian POWs through “corridor of shame” in Donetsk



2014/08/24 • News

Instead of a Ukrainian Independence Day parade, pro-Russian terrorists marched Ukrainian prisoners through a “corridor of shame.”


YouTube user dima svets posted a video of the column of prisoners that was followed by a crowd shouting “fascists!” Some people tried to force the Ukrainian soldiers on their knees, others threw eggs at them.

Only once did someone shout “Slava Ukrayini!” (Glory to Ukraine!)

Water was sprinkled on the road as soon as the column of prisoners walked by.

“Parade” of prisoners in Donetsk 

  • instagram by Oleksandr Kots
    instagram by Oleksandr Kots
  • instagram by Oleksandr Kots
    instagram by Oleksandr Kots
  • instagram by Oleksandr Kots
    instagram by Oleksandr Kots

Novosti Donbassa (Donbas News) writes that, at 14:00, supporters of terrorists and militants from Russia, who call themselves the “Donetsk People”s Republic” began gathering in the center of Donetsk.

Terrorists display Ukrainian Army hardware in Donetsk.


Photo – novosti.dn

In Lenin Square, militants displayed military equipment, which they said belonged to the Ukrainian Army. This is how they wanted to demonstrate their superiority on Ukrainian Independence Day.

Donetsk militants staged their own “parade” on Independence Day


A few dozen supporters of the Russian terrorists came to see the “exhibit”.


Trampling the Ukrainian flag in Donetsk on Independence Day


Donetsk resident waving their “flag”


Donetsk, Ukrainian Independence Day


The day before, the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” abolished Ukrainian Independence Day in territories controlled by pro-Russian militants.

Source: www.pravda.com.ua,  translated by Christine Chraibi


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  • Christian Aubrée

    Water wasted in a city where water supplies are very short. People carrying eggs in their pockets so that they can be thrown spontaneously in case there were a demonstration in town. How can anyone believe the reaction of the crowd would be elicited?

    • ENo

      And I thought that people in Donetsk were also short of food. And yet they can afford throwing eggs on the POWs.

  • Katarzyna

    This clearly violates the Geneva Convention – “Likewise, prisoners of war must at all times
    be protected, particularly against acts of violence or intimidation and
    against insults and public curiosity.” (via: http://www.icrc.org/applic/ihl/ihl.nsf/Article.xsp?action=openDocument&documentId=CD863DC518A5E1D7C12563CD0051AB7A). And violating Geneva Convention = war crime. I really wonder how Kremlin will respond to this. Probably they’ll ignore it, just like they did recently with this murdered Lithuanian consul.

    • Dagmar Schatz

      Katarzyna: you are right: But the Geneva Convention was issued in 1949 – maybe as a reaction of the 1944 parades. But parading ones POW’s was already a NoGo before.

  • John Sheehy 

    They don’t seem to be short of food or water.

  • Dagmar Schatz

    The reason for the cleaning waggons: this march is intended to be the copy of a march, held on the 17th of June 1944 when 50-70.000 German captives of the Bagration operation were paraded through Moscow. Somebody decided to feed them with kasha. This caused Diarrhea to many of them – so the cleaning cars were really needed. The Moscow population of 1944 is described as watching silently… The Red Army treated their prisoners better than the Donezk occupant scum: the hostages of the latter (of course no POW’s because the occupant scum is no army) were handcuffed. The Germans of 1944 not. By the way: this prisoner parades were held in Russia already in WW I.

  • Dagmar Schatz

    I forgot: Because the Donezk Russian scum is no army, the can’t have POW’s: better call their victims “hostages”.

  • Dirk Smith

    Muscovite cowards=ISIS.

  • Jacks Channel

    Okay, these people have officially lost their sense of reality. Whats really bad is that Putin is encouraging them to do this. Russia needs a new leader, and new government officials.

  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    These are the morons that kind ukrainians help and support when they become refugees?? I would not help, I would let them starve before any assistance.

  • Kruton

    The public humiliation of POW,s is a violation of Geneva convention.But why would that bother these sub-human savages!

  • sandy miller

    It doesn’t matter what these Russian mercenares do to Ukraine. Hold your heads high. Be proud….Do not let those mercenaires take your pride. Today, is the first day of freedom for Ukraine. Be proud to be Ukrainian! Bless all the soldiers. May they live to see Ukraine free at last.

  • W8post

    Those ‘Fascist’ shouting, egg-throwing people are the same asking / demanding ‘Kyiv’ for help when their houses are shelled…

  • evanlarkspur

    They would be better to save te eggs. Aren’t they aware of what’s happening in Luhansk right now? It gonna get hungry in Donetsk, and the army may not go as lightly as before given this little show. Everyone who walks on the ukrinian flag needs to be deported to Russia as soon as Donetsk is retaken. Interesting that the same people who support the terrorists moan that their checks from UKR have stopped in all the fighting.

  • Murf

    “Walk of shame”?
    I call it a walk of honor. Any person who suffers for the defense of their people are to be honored.
    A society that doesn’t honor their worriers will learn to honor someone else’s.

  • albertphd

    To me, it is amazing how ungrateful the Donetsk populace are towards their liberators. But as I understand a little how abusive behavior works, I can see that these abusive by-standers are themselves the victims of abuse. Just as a child abused by its parents or grandparents oddly enough tries to protect those abusive parents or grandparents from attackers, so these duped Donetsk by-standers think they can please their abusive pro-Russian terrorists when they hurl eggs to their captive liberators and shout loud expletives and degrading insults to those men who have come to protect them from their Russian invaders. Now, it is also possible that these by-standers are staged (as paid henchmen and hired hooligans) for the Russian cameras, to try to show that Donetsk favors terrorism over law and order?! We really don’t know all the facts in this video clip, now do we?!

    For instance, a classic example of psychological abuse is the behavior of a young woman when she is captured by a psychopath who threatens to torture and even kill her if she does not cooperate to his every wish and command. This captive young woman will even entice other young women to fall into the trap of the psychopath and appear to voluntarily support the psychopath to torture, molest, maim, and even murder these kidnapped victims she presents to the psychopath.

    Psychiatrists try to make sense as to possible reasons why this intimidated young woman might assist a known psychopath in the fulfillment of his mentally disturbed desires but they can only attribute this behavior to the fears a an abused child. Somewhere in the psyche of the victim, there appears to be a transference of the victim’s vulnerability and submission to her abusive perpetrator through these outward actions of voluntary obedience.The abused victim appears to have very low self-esteem as well as a readiness to cooperate fully with the suggestions made by her abuser?!

    Just as Jewish concentration camp leaders cooperated with the Nazis against the well-being of their own captive Jewish prisoners during WWII, so these Donetsk residents react in the identical knee-jerk manner: simply to protect their own necks from certain abuse caused by Russian soldiers and pro-Russian terrorists! Or, so it seems?!

    What intrigues me is the kind of thoughts that must cross the minds of these Ukrainian POWs as they are made to feel as if they had invaded a part of Russia, instead of the truth of the matter: that it is Ukrainian sovereignty and Ukrainian national and individual human rights that are being violated by these Russian ruffians–Putin’s own rascals, rogues, and Russian riff-raff, whether in uniform or out, whether posing as soldiers or as civilians!

  • ENo

    I don’t even dare to think what happens to these POWs when there are no cameras around.

    I wrote in another thread some days ago that some Russians and pro-Russian thugs are almost like muslim extremists. It looks even more so now. This is exactly what the muslim extremists do to their prisoners. They humiliate, intimidate and torture them. The humiliation continues even after they have executed them. After the exacution they disgrace their corpses.

  • Jacks Channel

    This what Lavrov had to say about this,

    (Mr Lavrov also commented on the parading of captured Ukrainian government
    soldiers by rebels through the centre of Donetsk on Sunday.

    Crowds lined the streets chanting “fascists” as the dishevelled-looking
    prisoners walked by with their hands tied behind their backs.

    Some people threw eggs and other objects at the prisoners.

    The move was widely condemned around the world.

    However, Mr Lavrov said this was “nowhere near mistreatment” and that
    Ukrainian fighters’ actions often amounted to “war crimes”.

    “I saw images of that parade and I didn’t see anything close to what could be
    considered as humiliating,” he said.)

    You see, this is okay with Russians. They do this kind of stuff. Lavrov is the decendent of Golden Horde Mongols. No wonder this is okay with him. Lavrov makes me sick.

    here is the link to the story. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-28931054

  • Randolph Carter

    You can’t abolish “Ukrainian Independence Day” – it is celebrated in the true hearts of the Ukrainian people. You can’t take away spirit, pride, courage, faith, truth, love of country. You can spit on them, throw eggs or water, but they still remain and grow stronger because of your contempt. For every man and woman who was marched down that “corridor of shame” became heroes because they can say to their children that they withstood the worst that Putin and his bastard thugs threw at them. He stood tall while the maggots crawled in the dirt and feasted on each other. Every man and woman in that march is a hero in the truest sense.