ATO Forces wipe out 500 terrorists near Rovenky



2014/08/24 • War in the Donbas

Zoryan Shkiryak, adviser to the Ministry of Interior announced that ATO Forces had wiped out up to five hundred terrorists and destroyed 40 pieces of their military equipment near Rovenky (Luhansk Oblast).

He stated that military intelligence had discovered a Russian mercenary base and heavy military equipment, which were subsequently destroyed by Ukrainian artillery. Shkiryak also reported on the situation in Ilovaysk in Donetsk Oblast. The Donbas Battalion and other military units have received reinforcements, including heavy equipment.

ATO troops have observed a significant decrease in attacks by pro-Russian militants. According to recent reports, the terrorists are trying to retreat to Khartsizk, but Ukrainian forces stand in their way and continue to attack the retreating mercenaries.

Source:, translated by Christine Chraibi

  • Donald Casavant

    If this is true, it is great news. I wait for confirmation from other sources before I will believe what this news report has stated

  • toioioio

    Pure fantasy.
    I wonder how the Ukraine will respond to the widening of the front..

    • Mykola Potytorsky

      hey, troll boy, this widening of the front that you speak of, would that mean widening into the ruSSia? you know that would be a good thing, as there are alot of fascists and nazis infesting that political entity. And if we want to get rid of these characters you have to do this.that is what the pygmy wants

    • Kruton

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    • sandy miller

      toioioio… doesn’t matter what you evil people do to Ukraine. Ukrainians will hold their heads high today. Their first day of true independence!!! It is a Holy day. May God bless the Ukrainian soldiers bring them home safely and alive to see Ukraine free at last. Slava Ukraina!!

  • Tom Von Hommel

    Lol again a troll. Toioiolo. How much do your Führer paid you?

  • ENo

    Good news, if true. Any photos or video footage anywhere confirming this?

  • Dirk Smith

    Slava Bandera!!

  • Dave Ralph

    Prove it. Nobody believes anything the Interior Ministry says, they lie almost as much as Putin and Lavrov.

    • Kruton

      #surrender monkey

      • Dave Ralph

        zip it, you Moscal troll.

        • Kruton

          When your mother takes Putins c#*k out of her mouth I’ll zip it!

  • Guest

    And keep wiping their filthy asses to the grave

  • Danny Gallo

    And keep wiping their filthy asses to the grave, more body-bags please

  • Kruton

    Annihilate the Bolshevik mutant savages!Death to the maniac commufacist child killers! Glory to the soldiers!

  • John Lease

    Keep the good news coming!

  • toioioio

    I get the attack,if my country was in a situation like ukraine’s,prolly id react the same.
    I’m on Ukraine’s side,for the simple reason that russia is splitting it.
    As a Greek im not hostile towards neither countries.
    Modern day Ukraine and the crimea/tavris part are part of Greek history for millenia,waaaay before the Rus,slavs,mongols etc.So i’d say that the long and good being of Greeks in Modern day Ukraine,makes another good reason for me to be friendly.
    Now enough with history,which we all,i suppose,know very well…..

    Calling ruSSia that way,is a bit…Irresponsible.Since the same goes for some parts of the ukrainian fighting units and political spectrum(dont think pravi sektor is anarchist right?)

    I dont care about those things,i do care for whats going on your country.

    You have a situation where russian minority(or majority of the area)is being used by Russian agents in order for the eastern ukraine to be annexed too,like Crimea.
    you have to give all you got,everybody expected that the separatists with russian help,would broaden the front and i guess in the southern part,the attacks at siedove,novoazovsk and telmanove are the prelude.I think that,things will escalate.

    I also think that noone’s gonna help.

    The EU is a German protectorate,hell..Even the French dont help!!!
    The NATO will not help(directly)because you’re no part of it.
    So besides good words and a bit of help,like fighting accessories,you wont be seing anything else.

    I know your army has comunication problems(they been intercepted by the Russian,that feed the info directly),you almost have no Airforce and your command is broken as it seems(from reports,videos and testimonies,by YOUR guys).

    You had abandoned your armed forces for waaaay to long and now you’re paying the price(annexation of crimea,ATO at the east).
    Is that video true?

    then id be extra worried if i were in your shoes…
    On the other hand i also read about problems with the draft of people,who do not want to go to the ATO,oh well….If youre not going to fight,give up the lands already and save your people.

    Im here to talk and bullshit around.

  • John Theodorou

    Your article lacks credibility. In truth all the forces of the Ukrainian army in the south-east of Donetsk are now completely surrounded,