“Take me home to my mother in Rostov”: Russian soldiers in Luhansk hospital



2014/08/23 • War in the Donbas

Journalist Vsevolod Filimonenko reported on his FB page that several wounded Russian conscripts were identified in Luhansk Regional Hospital, which is now controlled by Ukrainian troops.

He wrote that the soldiers, “who came to fight on the side of the terrorists had been promised a financial reward”; these young men are between 18 and 20 years old.

“According to the soldiers, they decided to go to Luhansk after watching Russian TV; they were sure that Ukraine was no more, and that the “NovoRossiya” army is invincible and captures new towns and villages every day.” writes Filimonenko.

The illusions of these young soldiers were quickly dispelled after their unit made an unsuccessful attempt to break out of Luhansk towards Lutuhyno where their “group suffered significant losses and handed over almost without a fight a brand new Russian armored vehicle BTR to the Aidar Battalion”.

“We didn’t know what’s really going on! Please, take me home to my mother in Rostov.” the journalist quotes the request made by a seriously wounded Russian conscript of the attending Luhansk doctor.

The journalist from HromadskeTV tweeted that about eight soldiers from Pskov (Russia) are in serious condition at the Regional Hospital of Lugansk. They cannot be transported; another 30 men were sent to the hospital in Rostov (Russia). They all admit that they did not know what they were doing in Ukraine.

Source: cripo.com.ua,  translated by Christine Chraibi
Photo: wounded Russian soldier

  • Kruton

    Putler killer of children!

  • Donald Casavant

    He did this for money. I wonder if he ever got paid, hope not! Why waste time, effort, and medical supplies on him and his friends? Send them back across the border and see what the Russians will do for them. Don’t transport him to the border, make him walk or crawl. If he cannot make it…then I guess it is too bad. See if he ever comes back to Ukraine with a weapon in his hands!

    • Nikolai B

      Let’s not stoop down to their level. He’s still a human being.

      • Donald Casavant

        I am sorry, but I cannot have any pity for someone who invades another country and kills people not for ideology, not for religion, not for a cause, not to protect his country, but just for money! He is just a mercenary, a hired killer. There is nothing you can say that will convince me he deserves more than a slow, painful death.

      • oleh patsyuk

        katsaps are not human beings. these animals must be wiped out of existence.

        • Hektor Uranga

          Even animals deserve pity. Young men can become easily fooled by propaganda. Putin is the one to blame, he uses anger as a tool. Slavic folks must reunite as brothers in the future.

      • dok

        russians are not human beings. They are fascist swine and they deserved to be slaughtered like swine.

        • Hektor Uranga

          Don´t give your soul to hatred, young men make mistakes, and Putin´s 24/7 propaganda machine is to blame. Slavic people must again become brothers in the future. Peace.

          • Donald Casavant

            Russians and Ukrainians will take years, if ever, before they will join again as brothers. The Russians have caused this riff to form, but the Ukrainian people have discovered themselves, their own nationality, and now it will be extremely difficult to forgive and forget.

          • dok

            Ukrainians don’t need russians as brothers, not now not ever. Ukrainians are not russians, they don’t think like russians. Wake up and stop your putin propaganda. The people of Ukraine have tasted freedom, something that the people of Russia have never tasted and never will because the idiots/zombies in Russia prefer that a dictator think for them.

    • Murf

      Don he’s just a kid
      To young to know better to dumb to care.
      I was just like him at that age.
      Still am in some ways.
      I remember in the book “Once an Eagle” a character said at the end of WWI ” You fight a man and knock him, if you give him hand up you might have made a friend. But you keep kicking him you have definitively made an enemy.”

      • Donald Casavant

        Sorry Murf, I disagree. He will never be a friend of Ukraine. The propaganda he believed in is still there hot and heavy 24 hours a day, he won’t change. How do we know that he was not one of the people that killed, mutilated and tortured the Christian ministers or many other people in that area, we don’t know. I agree that you and I might have been that dumb at his age, but we did not sign up to kill people just for the money.

      • dok

        These russian swine came to Ukraine to kill Ukrainians and they did it to earn some money. How pathetic is that. This act can never be forgotten or forgiven. They Russian swine have no morals. I was a kid too but i never volunteered to kill anyone for money.

    • Miguel Teixeira

      Ukrainians are the good guys. Good honorable people don’t do that.

  • Sergei

    Putin is the personification of evil. Putin lies, steals, murders, deceives, hates, etc.

  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    Throw his ass in jail, not home to momushka.

  • dok

    Let those russian swine die in the hospital and then ship their bodies back to russia on the same kind of horse drawn cart that the villagers use. Ukraine is at war with russia and should not waste any medicine or medical care on these russian swine.

  • dok

    Ship those russian pigs back home to mama in a body bag. That will send a clear message to the locals in russia, don’t come to Ukraine to kill people for money. What a pathetic group of people these russians are.

  • Frederick C. Lee

    Send the kid to prison.
    Have his mother petition the Russian authorities for a plea negotiation.
    Expose what brain washing is going on.

  • sandy miller

    Mercy…these are stupid children. Probably without jobs. We must be merciful…these are young and robotized children. Putler is responsible for these poor boys. Get them well show compassion and send them home to their mothers. I agree let’s not stoop to Putin’s level. He’s a devil but, Ukrainians cannot be evil.

    • ENo

      Well said. Despite all the hatred and killing let’s not forget that there are the Geneva Conventions that, among other things, define the wartime rights of prisoners and establish protections for the wounded. Ukraine has ratified all the conventions and additional protocols as a country. Even during the time of war we should show some humanity. Even if the other party of this conflict does not do that, the Ukrainians should show that they act according to the international rules. If they don’t do that they will soon lose the wide international sympathy they have now.

      • dok

        This is not a war between 2 parties that subscribe to the Geneva conventions. Russia has not signed on to ban land mines so they are planting land mines in Ukraine. The Russians shot down a civilians Malaysian airliner and killed 300 innocent people. The Russians are savages. So you want the Ukraine forces to play by the rules when the russians don’t. That strategy will only get more Ukrainians killed. Is that what you want;.

        • ENo

          I know quite well that the Russians do not play by the rules. Especially the pro-Russian armed thugs in the Eastern Ukraine. Just yesterday they humiliated their POWs parading them in Donetsk acting totally against the Geneva Convention. That’s exactly what makes them repulsive. I don’t want the Ukrainians to sink at their level. Ukrainians should show the world that they are civilized people. I cannot see how more Ukrainians will get killed if the Ukrainians treat their POWs according to the international rules.

  • sandy miller

    I hate the converstions below. We cannot be as evil as Putin has made the Russians. We must act with honor not like beasts…..no…remember compassion. If the boys are treated decently they will learn that they have been taught lies by Putin and his regime.

  • Brent

    Tell their mothers they will be traded for Nadiya Savchenko, Oleg Sentsov and other Ukrainian citizens who have been illegally taken over the border into Russia for show trials.

  • Argus

    Guys, if you do not filter against trolls and their useful friends in the comments, your page becomes dirty and sometimes even unsharable because of hate speech.