The Russian Convoy invades Ukrainian territory and moves towards Luhansk



2014/08/22 • War in the Donbas

“The humanitarian convoy” begins moving towards Luhansk. 

This decision was made by the Russian side, reports the press service of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The MFA warned they would not tolerate attempts to disrupt the solely humanitarian mission to the east of Ukraine and made the decision to let the column of trucks through the Ukraine-Russia border.

Russia thinks that all the excuses were aimed to delay the delivery of the “humanitarian assistance,” and now they have run dry. This is why the Russian side made the decision to act and depart for Luhansk already.

The MFA claims that if provocations occur during the movement, all the responsibility for the consequences will lie on those who are still prepared to make human sacrifices.

As of 9:30, representative of the International Red Cross Committee in Ukraine Andre Lersch stated that the issue of the cargo’s security is being discussed still. He noted that the Russian “humanitarian aid” had not crossed the border yet. Lersch said that there are 40 representatives of the Red Cross at the border, who will escort the cargo. Later the Russian MFA made a statement that the column was moving towards Luhansk.


Source: FaceNews

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

  • evanlarkspur

    Ok, US; we said that we would view any unilateral equipment move onto Ukrainian soil as a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and, as such, as an invasion, regardless of the terms used by Russia to describe the invasion (“humanitarian” whatever). Will this be another red line ignored? Aren’t we all, collectively, utterly embarrassed by the timidity and lack of resolve to uphold laws and treaties that represent our principles?

    • PoeTentiate

      Russia’s very well funded information war is more important than the ground war, and stupid people are buying it.

      • PoeTentiate

        To elaborate on the last insult, there are stupid/ignorant people, there are the paid army of comment section trolls, and there there are the people that actually hate Ukrainians like Stephen F Cohen.

  • PoeTentiate

    Warning of what? That Russia would send tanks, artillery and weapons to the terrorists? That’s already happened. Maybe they’ll start shelling over the border? Oh, that’s happened too. So what? Oh, I see, they will put the Russian flags back on the tanks moving into eastern Ukraine, and no longer have to pretend they don’t know where all those incovenient tanks are coming from.

  • Rods

    Very magnanimous of the Russians and their determination to feed, water and provide basic human comforts to Ukrainian civilian citizens, before they kill them through indiscriminate artillery fire for their TV propaganda campaigns, shooting up refugee convoys travelling under white flags in humanitarian corridors, creating death and destruction in border towns and villages from the indiscriminate blind firing of artillery and Grad rockets from Russia into Ukraine, using them as human shields, kidnapping, raping, torturing and slaughtering them before burying them in mass graves.

    Unsurprisingly, no humanitarian aid has been required where the evil Russian terrorists and evil Russian regular forces have not invaded and stolen Ukrainian territory and subjected the local inhabitants to their evil deeds, all sponsored and done in the name and under the evil hands of the international terrorist and pariah Putin. It won’t be long before the brave Ukrainian ATO forces have driven all these disgusting, inhuman, armed cowards from Ukraine.

    Glory to Ukraine.

    • PoeTentiate

      Glory to our Heroes!