Russia-backed terrorists killed dozens of civilians



2014/08/21 • War in the Donbas

At 9:40 am, August 18, Russia-backed terrorists shelled from “Grad” a convoy of civilians fleeing from the battle zone near Luhansk. According to Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council spokesman Andriy Lysenko, “the convoy of buses consisted of two parts: those transporting adults and those transporting children. It was bearing white flags and marked as a civilian convoy. Nevertheless, the buses were shelled from “Grad”. Lysenko also added that the exact number of victims is yet unknown, but dozens of people, including women and children, were killed.

“The force of the blow on the convoy was so strong that people were burned alive in the vehicles as they weren’t able to get themselves out,” stated military spokesman Anatoly Proshin.

Links: A couple of days before, on August 15, Russia-backed terrorists shelled the village of Stepove killing civilians and destroying houses. The intercepted telephone conversation between the militants is clear evidence of terrorists’ responsibility. Demonstrating cynicism and brutality, one of the terrorists claimed that “such things happened before. This is war.”

intercepted telephone conversation between terrorists (with English subtitles):


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  • Dirk Smith


  • Jacks Channel

    I am telling you that Putin has commited a criminal act by supporting the separatists with weapons, and also by attacking Ukraine from Russia. Putin has no claim on Ukrainian lands whatsoever. There are no threats to Russian speakers anywhere in Ukraine, let alone eastern Ukraine, yet Putin insists that there is. The charges of facism are completely baseless. There is no threat.

    • Danny Smith

      I don’t think he cares.. he wants the old days back, he wants USSR back.

      The USSR was responsible for the deaths of 62 millions.. also imprisonment of 18 millions in Gulags.. and yet he still wants it all back.

      • Milton Devonair

        his eurasian empire. vlady the impotent has talked and written about that.

  • Jacks Channel

    I was in the U.S. Army. You use binoculars to spot your targets, and then confirm them as hostile before you request a fire mission. If there is any doubt, you don’t fire.

    How can you not see white flags on a car? If you do, why would you fire on them? They could be civilians, you don’t know. If you think the ATO or Right Sector might be in the cars, you look to see who is in the cars first, then you fire. If you can’t see who is in the cars, you don’t fire. Something does not add up. That something is the dimwitted separatist army. They remind me of a person that bangs a loaded gun on the floor to get it to work.

    • Milton Devonair

      “why would you fire on them?”
      Because the russians/chechens can then blame Ukraine for ‘murdering women and children’. You must have been recently in the US Army as that tactic by commies/people’s murderers is as old as their mutant specie is.