Russian troops and equipment enter Luhansk

Boronchenko luhansk ato


2014/08/19 • War in the Donbas

By Anna Mostovych & Mat Babiak

Ihor Boronchenko, Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) commander in Luhansk Oblast, has confirmed the presence of a Russian military column in the region including troops and equipment during a telephone conversation today with

“Three days ago, a column of the Armed Forces of Russia entered the territory of Ukraine. It consists of 1,200 individuals, probably soldiers of the Russian Federation, 150 armored vehicles, including tanks and Grad missile launchers,” he said.

As previously reported, this column has entered Luhansk and is now stationed on the 30 Rokiv Peremohy (30 Years of Victory) street in Luhansk.

Earlier, journalist Anastasiya Stanko reported that the 1,200 men in the column were wearing Russian military uniforms with Russian chevrons. Apparently, the column had entered Ukrainian territory three days ago, but did not immediately enter Luhansk. According to available information, the column was based near the Seversky Donets river. Yesterday, August 18, it entered Mykolaivka from Pionersk, and then proceeded to Luhansk.

Donetsk terrorist leader Oleksandr Zakharchenko had earlier made public statements that 1,200 Russian-trained troops and a column of vehicles was entering the country to assist insurgent forces. Luhansk has been the scene of recent clashes as Ukrainian forces have successfully retaken sections of the city. Earlier today, special forces detained a group of Russian-armed terrorists in the city from the “Great Don Army.”

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  • Thomas Ferree

    I would hope that someone who has witnessed the convoy and troops mentioned in the posted article will probably have a mobile phone with a camera to make a photographic record of what they are witnessing. Not that I’m a nay-sayer, but I think you do your articles a disservice when you do not post a photo(s) or short video that will confirm the content of the posted article to the world. Please …. post photos and make Putlier and his terrorist cronies shake in their shoes, or boots, or APC’s, or tanks, or GRAD rocket launchers, as the case might be.

    • Blauerhimmel

      take a photo, get shot. next.

      • Thomas Ferree

        Point well taken and I would not want anyone to put themselves in harms way. Hopefully, maybe someone in a building overlooking the convoy route, inconspicuously in a shop or somewhere, etc. might get a photo or two without jeopardizing themselves.

        • Adrian S

          And what’s to stop them from using pictures taken in a different place or time, how would you be able to tell the difference. There is 1 organisation monitoring the situation with the proper equipment. NATO. In 40 years, our children will be able to verify the declassified documents and make up their own minds. People on the ground should focus on the task at hand.

          • Milton Devonair

            “People on the ground should focus on the task at hand.”

            Killing russian and chechen terrorists in Ukraine.

        • Stuart Savage

          Thomas ..go get the shot or shut up …really “Do we have evidence”…There’s more evidence than you can shake a stick at these days…

          • Mat

            exactly. Deniers always ask for me. You show pics they say “how do I know who is in the tank” or “the Russian insignia could have been bought anywhere, it’s staged”

            you show satellite pics they say “proves nothing”

            you show audio recordings, they say its doctored/fake

            They always ask for more and always have a response in the ready to shoot it down.

          • Milton Devonair

            These buffoons will never be satisified with any proof, no matter how much you have. They will just ignore it and move on to the next one, then deny that, then…

            ‘deny, deny, deny…then make counter accusations’.

          • LorCanada

            Yep, just like Putin does and his diplomats too.

    • Mat

      The news comes from a commanding officer, it’s not like he’s going to release confidential intel for a talk show.

      Maybe someone took pics from their house – why put the person in jeopardy by exposing their location? If pics come from spies, why give away that info? Why expose some secret vantage point they have? This stuff is classified for a reason, and we get the leftovers that make it to the net.

    • Milton Devonair

      Would be better if the Ukrainians would just dump a bunch of rockets on these russian ape invaders.

    • Frank Fileccia

      There were videos posted yesterday. Google is your friend

  • Ralf-Ron Kante

    any prove?! and wasn’t the station where Butkevitch told, that 1-1.5 mio ppl should be killed in Donbas?

    • Mat
    • Milton Devonair

      Comrade, your fascist president putin denied sending his ape soldiers to Crimea….until he had taken it over, then he admitted it.

      Humans know better to trust any russian.

      • Ralf-Ron Kante

        so there wasn’t any proof? ah, 20 days gone and still no evidence.

        • Milton Devonair

          Um kamrade, there’s a war going on there, so you’ll have to excuse people if they don’t rush to answer your pro-russia questions/concerns.
          On the bright side, russians and chechens are still being sent back to their respective cesspools, feet first. Hooray for Humans!

          • Ralf-Ron Kante

            Yeah, I got it, there are hordes of Russians and Chechens with heavy cavalry all over Ukraine… but just show me some.

          • Milton Devonair

            sorry comrade cyka, but I don’t have any of you russians in my pocket at the moment. And if I took some of you russians out from my toilet and showed them to you, you’d still not believe it.

            Just like the anti-americans that said there weren’t any terrorists in afghanistan. Just admit it, you will only cuddle with putin and putin alone. It’s OK, just try not to embarass yourself in front of other adults, Ukrainians, and other humans.

          • Ralf-Ron Kante

            Even OSCE confirms that there were no Russian troops invading Ukraine, but keep on offending, that’s a great relevation of your nature.

  • Prashant Kumar

    But Poroshenko said that most of this column was already destroyed by Ukraine. Now am confused.

    • Frank Fileccia

      that was another column, last week

  • Svarun

    Ummm, I can only find “30 Rokiv Peremohy street” in Rovenky – Luhansk region (it could be merely a misunderstanding); IMHO, quite a plausible location taking in account that UA artillery can reach any spot in the Luhansk city.

    Apply scrutiny, Ukrainians.

  • sandy miller

    Thomas Ferree…..I’m absolutely pro-ukraine but I agree with Thomas. Ukraine needs to show absolute proof about they thing they say. While Putin can get away with murder, Ukraine can’t. They need to realize that and prove, prove, prove…they have no choice. Not fair but they have no choice. Basically, the world doesn’t care…but they need to sue Russia for damaging the infrastructure in the East.