Klimkin announces Merkel’s “unusual” visit 

Angela Merkel


2014/08/18 • Daily Updates

The visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Ukraine on August 23 will be “unusual” and will bring about many interesting events.

This was stated at a briefing on Monday by Pavlo Klimkin, head of the Ukrainian MFA.

“As to the visit of the chancellor (Merkel), it is an unusual visit, which is planned on the eve of the national holiday. It is an unusual visit, I want to emphasize this,” stated Klimkin.

According to him, this visit “is the result of very close personal contacts between the President of Ukraine and the German Chancellor.”

“It will be held right on the eve of the national holiday. It will be a very interesting visit from the perspective of the agenda. This way, I hope that the media will have many opportunities to report on its messages,” stated Klimkin.

He also said that none of the Western partners of Ukraine refused military and political cooperation and aid.

“Nobody is refusing to help us or cooperate with us. I said in an interview that further development of cooperation in this sphere [military] is very important. All of our partners are ready to work in this direction. They have different perspective on the time limits and volume of such cooperation,” stated the head of the MFA.


Source: Pravda

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • Brent

    Is this going to be another attempt by Frau Ribbentrop to convince Ukraine they should negotiate with Putin and give him what he wants so that Germany doesn’t lose its trade business with Russia? Merecedes and BMW will be awfully upset if Russia bans their cars from being imported to Russia. Maybe Comrade Hollande can tag along and scold Ukraine for jeopardizing his Mistral sale…

    They’ve done a great job so far of not taking Putin to task for all of the lies and atrocities he has committed in Crimea and Donbass and demanding Ukraine negotiate with its invaders. Neville Chamberlain would be proud of them both….

    • On the Balcony

      I too am frustrated by the EU’s public refusal to consider a military response to Putin but in fairness existing sanctions and threat of further sanctions is probably the main reason that Putin’s “Peacekeepers” are not patrolling the streets of Kyiv today. And while I believe that it is in Europe’s long-term self-interest to stand up forcefully for their vaunted principles, I have to ask myself, do Ukrainians have a right to expect other nations’ to shed blood for us?

      • Brent

        I’m not advocating a military response, and think the following three options should be considered. However, the more that Putin is allowed to get away with, the more likely a military option will be required.
        1) provide defensive military equipment such as helmets, bulletproof vests, night vision goggles to Ukraine. So far only one country that I’m aware of has done that. CANADA. All the U.S. offered to send was 300,000 military rations and Obama sent them overland (took much longer) so as not to “upset” Putin. The last I heard, they went missing or were stolen. Haven’t seen an update on that but that’s pathetic. The U.S. is giving ‘excess’ military hardware away to local police forces in the U.S. and military rations to a nation that has been attacked by its neighbor. Europe has been selling hi tech weaponry and gear to Russia, who is the aggressor, but refuses to provide Ukraine with even defensive equipment.
        2) remove Russia from organizations like the G20, WTO (they’ve broken rules with many trade partners) and permanently from the G8. Cancel landing rights for Aeroflot and other Russian airlines into Europe. They talk about wanting to be ‘isolated’ and ‘not being part of Europe’ then give them their wish and treat them like North Korea. European nations should start advocating FIFA to take away the World Cup in 2018.
        You want to make Putin’s buddy oligarchs squeal? Take away access to their European and American playgrounds and freeze their offshore bank accounts and return all their spoiled little princesses back to Russia to bother ‘daddy’ for the winter.
        3) Russia recently openly requested for peacekeepers in Ukraine at the U.N. Agree to it, with the condition of no Russians and no Americans. there are 1.4 billion Chinese and 1.2 billion Indians. Send 10,000 of them to Eastern Ukraine because the Russians won’t be firing on their peacekeepers. All those ‘imported’ freedom fighters will leave East Ukraine for their own “Girkin vacation”. The border can be secured and the flow of Russian fighters and equipment will be stopped.
        OSCE monitors recently confirmed Russian soldiers crossing the border in and out of Ukraine. Russia is firing missiles into Ukraine. Today a convoy of refugees that was being escorted by Ukrainian troops under a white flag was hit by missiles. One month after the civilian airliner was shot down. How many times is the world going to turn a blind eye to Putin’s aggressions and support of murdering innocent civilians? Enough finger wagging at Russia. Let’s start protecting Ukrainians.

      • Ricardo Galvan

        If other country’s also value freedom and justice, then Ukraine has a right to expect other nations to shed their blood with the Ukrainians in the defense of those things. It is like asking if Europe has the right to demand from the United States help against an invading Hitler or Stalin.

        • On the Balcony

          First, Europe did NOT have a “right to demand” help from the U.S. against Hitler (or Stalin). In fact, when told that Britain was on its knees, the U.S. Secretary of State, Joseph P. Kennedy, advised President Roosevelt to “let [Britain] fall.” The U.S. did not enter the war against Germany until after the US. was bombed at Pearl Harbor and Germany declared war on the U.S. Second, absent a clear and explicit mutual defense treaty, (like NATO is founded upon) no country has the “right to demand” help from any other country. Third and more important, it is not yet clear to the U.S. and Europe that Ukraine truly understands and shares their concepts of freedom, justice and democracy. That said, I personally believe that Putin’s actions in Georgia and now Ukraine pose a threat to world peace which “demands” a strong (military) response from the West.

    • Oleh John Skubiak

      My first take on this is that it is positive and a show of support to Ukraine on its Independence Day. Who knows with politicians.

    • True_finn

      EU/USA cant do too much, but try corner Russians. Direct actions are really dangerous and Merkel´s (Frau Ribbentrob) visit to Ukrain can be really good thing…

      ..anyway ATO forces seems to prevail, but lost lifes is sad thing, but you must be Victorius because others cant fight for you like ruskies fight for separist(and they will lose!!!)…

  • Pfor

    If Putin has broken EU with his sabre ratteling and treaths of war then Nato is the last hurdle
    to brake before Cold War 2 is won by Putin.
    The Baltic states better watch out…..Nato will be tested in a serious way there.
    The same tactics will be used as in Ukraine and Georgia.
    The West must realise that Putins only interest is to reach his goals.He will never compromise
    unless he is forced to do so.

  • dok

    Let’s hope that President Poroshenko can convince the Europeans, either either the EU or NATO or individual countries, that it is in their own best interest to send aid, military and economic to Ukraine. If Russia rolls over Ukraine, then Poland and Estonia are next. The whole of Europe needs to understand this.

    • Flexicoke

      Litvinenko was murdered in London, and that could happen to anyone.
      Russia is a thread to the civilized world even in spite of any invasions.
      Do i have to mention the corruption russia installs in other countries?

  • DDJ

    If Ms. Merkel appeases Putin, this will be the biggest sell out in History. since WW2. This will be the most hypocritical move made by a Democratic Nation. Russia is a Terrorist nation, rouge, and on the verge of insanity. They blew a passenger airliner out of the air, over 300 people lost their lives through this act of terrorism. Remember the last time a few people blew up a building with 2000 people in it? And Europe does nothing regarding this much more egregious situation in Uraine? I did not support the Iraq war, but the US’s strategic insertion into Afghanistan to go after the perpetrators from 911 was accepted by the entire world. As I write this America and it’s Allies in Iraq are rolling back the advances of ISIL with strategic use of American Military force which is accepted by the civilized world. There is no difference between the ISIL barbarians and the Russian surrogates in Ukraine, now destroying Eastern Ukraine. Does Merkel feel that Ukraine is not a sovereign state? This is a terrible precedent. The only thing Putin understands is force and stiff sanctions. Lifting fruit and some dairy sanctions – give me a break? This is Putins compromise? Wake up! Putin and his mercenaries are no different than ISIL except for one major glaring difference, Putin has an entire army with tanks, missile launchers, heavy artillery, sitting on the Ukrainian border, daring the Civilized World to blunt his encroachment on eastern Europe. You will get what you deserve, Europe. I hope you enjoy your fleeting freedoms. If Putin gets away with his program of fomenting dissent, inserting dissident leaders, arming separatist entities, all along denying any involvement by the omnipotent Kremlin, then the Europeans need to stop looking at their IPads and look to the east for the rumbling of tanks is in the air.