Drivers beat up a woman who wanted to take cuts in line at the Kerch ferry



2014/08/16 • Crimea

A woman who tried to take cuts in line was beaten up at the Kerch ferry. According to, after the conflict with other travelers the woman was taken to the medical point with a head injury in an ambulance, reports

According to the publication, there have been previous clashes among the drivers unwilling to stand in the line for the ferry for hours, however they all ended with verbal disagreements. Meanwhile, despite he presence of the police and traffic police at the “Krym” port, the drivers waiting for the ferry control the situation themselves by thoroughly checking the documents of subsidy-privy citizens.

Earlier the “Universal Transportation Directory” reported that the line at the “Krym” port decreased to 1960 vehicles. The end of the line is located in the residential areas of Kerch and aggravates the transportation situation in the city.


Source: Krymr

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • Thomas Ferree

    Ahh . . . . it’s such a wonderful life now in Russian occupied Cremia.

  • Anna Palagina

    this is so soviet, to squabble over the place in line! Back in USSR folks!

  • Murf

    Didn’t think that referendum through to good did ya Boris.

  • Kruton

    Why build a themepark,call it Putinland. You can wait on lines to wait on lines,lol!

  • Svarun

    Another achievement of the National Bolshevism

  • Donald Casavant

    These small glimpses into Russian life show you how screwed up the entire country is, no wonder they worship that short, brain damaged, inbred, two faced, dictator! They think he is the best there is! If he is the best, can you imagine what the worst is like!!