Zhirinovsky calls to militarize the Russian economy and reestablish the Empire



2014/08/14 • Archive, Russia

The LDPR faction leader is convinced that Russia “needs power.” 

Leader of the State Duma LDPR party faction Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to militarize the Russian economy, return the imperial tricolor flag, the anthem “God Save the Tsar,” and make Putin “supreme ruler.”

“Our economy can only be militarized. However, I am not calling for war,” said he, emphasizing that they should make it so that Russia is feared all over the world, and the country has to absorb “all the best aspects of the Empire and the USSR.”

He made such statements at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin and state officials in annexed Crimea. Meanwhile Putin noted that this is the personal opinion of Zhirinovsky himself, though he does “spark a quite a fire.”

Earlier Zhirinovsky told the Russian media that the decision regarding World War III had already been made and Russia should be the first to make a preemptive strike against Poland and the Baltics.

Source: TSN
Translation by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • DDJ

    Typical. Pick on the weak to stuff more in to their pockets at other’s expense. A чума on the earth from the day of it’s inception.

  • Brent

    Maybe he can claim more pregnant female reports should be raped….oh yeah, he already did that too…I take it Russia does not test for senility?

  • Jacks Channel

    Oh look, its a devil in communist clothing. I guess dude didn’t take advantage of Russia’s excellent dental plans for government officials.

  • Murf

    So this were all the Nazis that everybody was so tore up about have been hiding. Instead of worrying about the Ukrainian Nazis Putin should have been paying attention to the ones under his nose.
    I wonder what this smuck will think when Putin has to admit he was defeated in Donebas. At the hands of substandard Ukrainians and weak Western leaders no less.
    Better brush up on your Machiavelli Vlad! Heh Heh

    • khoffman

      Russias ICBMS are much newer than the USA’s. Americans main ICBM was designed in 1964.. the Russian TOPOL M is much newer/

      • Murf

        So they have wasted a lot of money so they could have shinnyer missiles collecting dust just like ours.
        Big deal.
        If we had Canadians maintaining ours then tried to steal Vancouver island and started a rebellion in Quebec you would probably say “stupid Americans.”
        and you would be right.
        But we haven’t and the Russians did. So the stupid thing still applies.