‘Strelkov’ resigns from post following news of severe injury

Igor Strelkov


2014/08/14 • Featured, War in the Donbas

Following yesterday’s tumultuous and contradictory news that Donetsk terrorist leader Igor “Strelkov” Girkin, a former Russian agent, had been “seriously injured” in a battle near the MH17 crash site in the Torez area, former Donetsk Republic (DPR) ‘prime minister’ Alexander Borodai has told Russian media that Girkin has resigned from his post as “minister of defense.” The DPR’s ‘council of ministers’ approved Girkin’s resignation, “in connection with his transfer to another job,” said the press center for the DPR. Borodai denied that Girkin had been injured yesterday, but did not give a reason for his disappearance.

I just recently parted with Igor, he’s all right. You probably already know it as well as I do, he resigned from his post. Already there is a new Minister of Defense for the DPR. Just like all the members of the government, except for me and Alexander Zakharchenko, he has been dubbed acting ‘Tsar’- that’s his call sign.

The real name of the ‘Tsar’, according to the DPR press center, is Vladimir Kononov, whose job as chief of defense will be approved tomorrow by the separatist ‘Supreme Soviet’. Girkin will also be recommended to the position of “First Deputy Minister/Chief of General Staff” at tomorrows meeting.

Speaking at a press conference, ‘people’s governor’ Pavel Gubarev said Kononov was “recommended as an old and reliable volunteer,” and declined to comment on Girkin’s alleged injury. If Girkin was indeed last seen in the Torez-Snizhne area, this would imply he was far away from the city of Donetsk, closer to Luhansk Republic forces. With Ukrainian forces strengthening their positions around the city, it’s possible a new military leader was needed.


It appears Girkin is still missing in action

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  • True_finn

    ..I really dont know what we can believe, Tsar is leader now so will Santa Claus come next, ridiculous…

    • http://euromaidanpress.com Mat

      Ironically, Girkin’s old call sign was “the Tsar’s Officer”

  • ພັກ ປະຊາທິປະໄຕລາວ

    Putin agents shot him to eliminate him. He will be a key witness of the shooting down of MH 17.

  • Kruton

    Surrender mutant Commufacist child molesting,Babushka raping savages!Strelkov come back to us! LOL!

  • FunkyWinkerbean

    tsar of what? a collapsing pile of s–t?

    • Milton Devonair

      lol, yeah, really s*cks when the place you flee to is……russia…

  • Murf

    After all the havoc that man has caused from Bosnia to Chechnya and god knows were else I hope his Johnson got blown off.

    • Milton Devonair

      Hopefully he didn’t breed…though he does look as gay as putin does.

      • Murf

        Jezz I thought it was just me.
        For a supposedly bad ass Intelligence Officer he is totally Metro sexual.

        • Milton Devonair

          lol, nope, it’s not just you. With male/male rape and prostitution rampant in the russian military, why would their leaders be straight?
          The russians probably wanted the mud baths in Crimea so they could turn them into a gay destination resort.

          • Murf

            Sorta takes that “Slavic brotherhood” thing to whole new disturbing level.

          • Milton Devonair

            Seems like serbs and russians are all greek in the end….

          • Murf

            LMAO. Good one Milt.

  • Milton Devonair

    lol, yup. Russians only can work against women and children….or un-armed people.