Lavrov demands a stop to the ATO to allow passage for Russian convoy

A Russian convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian aid for Ukraine drives along a road near the city of Yelets


2014/08/14 • News, Political News, Russia, War in the Donbas

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia demands the stop to Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO)  in Donbass “to provide the safe passage for the humanitarian aid mission”.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia persistently calls for warring groups to agree to the ceasefire, since the international efforts to provide the humanitarian aid to the residents of Ukrainian Southeast have reached their final stage,”  stated the MFA’s website.

Also, the Russian MFA commented on the discussion between minister Sergei Lavrov and his Ukrainian colleague Pavlo Klimkin.

According to Lavrov, they “talked about practical aspects of the implementation of the humanitarian aid and reached an agreement, that the task of providing the safe passage for the humanitarian convoy is of paramount importance”.

In turn, Klimkin described the “signals for Lavrov” in his Twitter.

Screenshot of Klimkin's Twitter.

Screenshot of Klimkin’s Twitter.

“Here are some signals for Lavrov: Russian Federation alone is responsible for preventing terrorists from organizing provocations against Ukrainian and foreign cargo transports, including the humanitarian transports coming out of Russia”, – Klimkin wrote in his Twitter.

Translated by Anna Palagina


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  • Donald Casavant

    Lavrov, has been “demanding” that the Ukrainian Army ATO force stop attacking for several months. I thought that Lavrov worked for Russia. Who does he think he is? Is he senile? Does he really think that he can demand anything from the Ukrainian government? These Russians think that they can control everyone! He is sadly mistaken and I hope that the taking of Donetsk and Luhansk by the Ukrainian ATO force will finally shut him up.