Recriminations and denials after Putin



2014/08/12 • Analysis & Opinion

One of these days Russians will wake up from what they now think is a dream and realize that it was a terrible nightmare. They’ll realize that Vladimir Putin—their current hero and demigod—is really a loser and a thug who’s brought ruin to their country, ruin to their people, ruin to their ethnic brethren in Ukraine and other non-Russian states, and ruin to the world. They’ll realize that Putin is a criminal, that the regime he created is fascist, and that his policies are paranoid, delusional, destructive, and self-destructive to the point of being suicidal.

And that’s when the recriminations and denials will begin. There’ll be lots of finger pointing. “Blame it all on my neighbor,” many Russians will say, “He’s the collaborator. He’s the flag-waver. He’s the one who voted for Putin and attended all those mass rallies. And he did it voluntarily too.”

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  • Mazepa

    However, this may not happen before the reported nuclear attacks on moscow and st petersburg. It may too late.

  • robc

    In a word, Putin is spineless the lowest of cowards!

    • LorCanada

      Well, Putin’s background is KGB, what can you expect but intrigue, deception, subterfuge, lies, threats, and even an assassination or two. – Polonium anyone?

  • Kruton

    Putin sucks.