Anti-war rally to be held in Moscow despite ban



2014/08/12 • Russia

This evening, Muscovites will take to the streets to mourn those killed in Eastern Ukraine in the so-called “Evening of Memory and Mourning.”

City authorities have twice refused to approve the rally, originally planned as an anti-war march. After the second ban the organizers decided just to come to Pushkin Square with flowers and anti-war children’s drawings, without signs or slogans. Activists, including representatives of the Russian Maidan solidarity committee, will collect letters of support for Ukrainians who were killed in the battle against separatists. Then a group of people, without chanting or signs, will march to Ukraine’s embassy to hand over those letters. They are going to lay flowers and light candles at the embassy.

The anti-war event’s organizers urge everyone who supports to cause to go out to their balconies, yards, and streets and light memorial candles.

One of the activists, Pavel Shelkov, told Radio Svoboda that the rally in Moscow would take place simultaneously with solidarity action in other countries.

Source: Radio Svoboda, Photo: Anti-war rally in Moscow, March 15, 2014

Translated by Kirill Mikhailov, edited by Elizabeth Martin



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  • Danny Smith

    this is dated March 15.. its old news?

    • Skullpunk

      the picture is from march 15

  • Milton Devonair

    The russians always have a hard time when humans trapped in russia, try to express themselves, try to act in human ways.

    This is the non-putin approved camera angle that humans trapped in russia never see:

  • Jacks Channel

    The Russian government is weak. Thats why it banned all forms of protest against its policies so that it won’t collapse under the weight of opinion against its one sided politics.

  • Bynk

    When Russian goverment is weak, What s Ukraine govermetn worth then? Orange revolution, Majdan, Civil war, oligarchs, You will come to EU? Funny!
    And 700 000 emigrants from Doneck in Russia. Why?