Russian Federation Council proposes suspending Russia’s WTO membership



2014/08/11 • Russia

Sergey Lisovskiy, the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee for agricultural and food policies and use of natural resources, has proposed suspending Russia’s World Trade Organization membership. The senator announced his proposal at a press conference in Moscow.

Despite the fact that Russia has made an enormous effort to become part of this organization, Lisovskiy is convinced that nobody ever benefitted from it, taking into account the events of the past few months. “WTO mechanisms don’t work. Some WTO members imposed sanctions on Russia, accordingly we are de-facto no longer a part of the WTO system,” stated the Parliament member, who previously opposed Russia’s joining the World Trade Organization.

Nonetheless, the Parliament member noted that, throughout 12 years’ worth of dialogue with the WTO, Russia has managed to improve conditions for trade significantly, but not to the expected level. “I think that we should suspend WTO membership and start new negotiations, because many aspects they promised to formalize, cannot be formalized, as it turns out,” concluded the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee.


Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Elizabeth Martin



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  • evanlarkspur

    -Bye. No point in you benefiting from institutions that you don’t, in turn, uphold. Go back out into the cold until you learn some manners, respect for others, and learn that to progress beyond the most rudimentary kind of society and achievements, you have to learn interdependance and to make and keep commitments to others. Come see us again in another 20 years.

  • Danny Smith

    What was you expecting everyone to come to your door with gifts?
    It is a two way street, if all you want is everything your own way like a spoiled child you will often be disappointed.

  • Murf

    Well that’s plain decent of them to save the WTO the trouble kicking them out.
    Thanks a lot guys and don’t let the door knob hit you in the as$!