Ukrainian cyber army extracted personal data of Strelkov’s terrorist group 



2014/08/10 • News

The Ukrainian cyber army has conducted a hacker attack. As a result, they have managed to extract personal data of many terrorists from Igor Strelkov’s group. Yevhen Dokukin reported this on his Facebook page, Online Pressa informs.

“Today the Ukrainian cyber army has run a hacking operation and obtained personal data of many of Strelkov’s militants. Personal data includes names, addresses, and landline & mobile phones numbers of the terrorists. I have shared all this information with the Security Service of Ukraine so the ‘guests’ are on their way. I have also sent mobile numbers of the terrorists to the Kіberuragan (Cyber Hurrican) operation,” the volunteer writes.

Source:, translated by Tanya Kononenko

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  • hammermann

    Great, hopefully they can be rounded up before they read this post! There’s a fine line between boosting moral, and revealing info that makes it useless to the good guys. The classic spy agency response would be just to monitor all of them to know what they are doing, so that we can ambush them, instead of vice versa.