Steven Seagal performed in Crimea, supports pro-Russian separatists



2014/08/10 • Crimea

Hollywood actor and musician Steven Seagal performed this weekend in Crimea and supported the separatists in Ukraine.

On Saturday Seagal and his blues band performed at the biker show in Sevastopol, where the Russian Black Sea Fleet is based.

According to international media, the stage was decorated with the pro-Russian separatists’ flag during his performance. Reports claim that the blue-black-and-red Donetsk Republic flag was hanging in the corner of the stage, and his fans waved Russian tri-colors and separatist flags during the concert.

According to the Russian RIA Novosti news agency, Seagal claimed he came to Crimea because music unites people.

Steven Seagal was subject to a hailstorm of criticism after supporting the annexation of Crimea in March, and for this reason he was kicked off the Estonian blues festival set list this summer.

In March Seagal told the Russian media that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s desire to defend Russians in Crimea was absolutely reasonable.

Source: Radio Liberty
Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Mat Babiak

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  • MeM

    I used to really admire this guy before he went weird. Seems like he only got worse.

    • Donald Casavant

      I agree, now he will take any job that pays money and it does not matter what it is1

    • Mat

      loved his movies too but he’s just completely wacked now, unfortunately.

    • True_finn

      Seagal was great actor and I liked he’s movies, maybe eating too much is corrupting he’s brain.

      …now Seagal is just fat weirdo, but I still enjoy look some of Seagal’s movies for free…

  • Natalie Jarnstedt

    I never liked him; now he’s joined my “scum of the earth” list….and what’s with that jet black hair – painted on?.

  • DDJ

    Seagal should stay in Crimea if he loves Putler/Stalinke and his resurrection of Stalinist hegemony in eastern Europe so much. Steve, you are no longer welcome in America.

    • Milton Devonair

      He’s got his money, so now it’s up to the rest of the suckas to figure out how to live…..

  • Zhukov9

    I hope Ukraine never allows Seagal in the country again. And don’t come back to America.

    • Milton Devonair

      Looks like that until Ukraine gets a Krispy Creme or a “Hair Plug and Dye for Fat old Men” club, Ukraine is safe from stevie ‘the loop’ seagal…

  • Milton Devonair

    stevie seagal is a pig, albeit a fat, out of shape pig with a bad hair job and a bad back.
    So I guess a pig likes apes.

    • Kruton

      What,s on Seagal,s head a racoon?

  • Skip Waterhouse

    He should spend a week or so in Lugansk–if, of course, he survives the terrorists.

  • Murf

    I never liked the creep to begin with.

    • Milton Devonair

      Four different wives with seven kids. He must like passive, obedient orientals as his first one was japanese and this last one is mongolian. The ones in the middle are American women and they seem to not put up with skunkhead’s fecal matter.

  • Kruton

    A fat guy with a cheap toupee ,looks like a skunk.

  • Mazepa

    Seagal and putin have MUCH in common….
    Both of their wives left them because seagal is gay and putin is a confirmed pedophile – very typical of MOST mockal fsb perverts.
    Smert mockalyam!