Russian journalist speaks out



2014/08/09 • Analysis & Opinion, News, Russia

by Alexandr Podrabinek,

“An illegitimate president has declared a hunger strike throughout Russia. He seems to be telling the West that our country could even swell and die from hunger, but he will not change his policy. These are neither empty words nor exaggerations. Non-humans with Putin-like characteristics and temper found it easy to exterminate millions of people during the collectivization period, the Holodomor and in mass repressions, not to mention all the servicemen who perished on the burning battlefields. The Russian government has always considered people consumable, raw material for the implementation of its ambitious imperial plans.”

Alexandr Podrabinek is a Russian journalist

Translated by Christine Chraibi


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  • christopher witt diamant

    This is a brave….and probably by now: dead……
    Putin will have him killed, arrested, banned…and certainly silenced….as he has done with all journalists and artists who dare oppose him…….I pray to my Father Jesus that democracy can one day return to Russia…..