Kremlin tries to scare the EU with counter-sanctions: “This is just like war”



2014/08/06 • Russia

The Russian government has announced its intention to impose preventative measures in response to Western sanctions, including in the rocket and space industries.

The goal of these sanctions is to protect Russian companies, stated Russian Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Wednesday, as reported by censor.NET citing RIA Novosti.

On Tuesday President Vladimir Putin ordered the government to develop counter-measures to the Western sanctions.

“All of our preventative measures will first and foremost aim to protect our industry. They will not try to make the western businesses’ life worse – we are not interested in that and nobody is setting it as a goal. But we will protect ourselves strongly, consistently, and with initiative. You will soon find out about these measures,” stated Rogozin to journalists on Wednesday.

The Vice Prime Minister added that the preventative measures will ensure the “survival” of the Russian space industry. “This is just like war – a la guerre comme a la guerre. Nothing personal. Nothing that we do will worsen our businesses’ position in order to make life worse for anyone else,” emphasized Rogozin.

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Elizabeth Martin

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  • Donald Casavant

    So Putiler thinks “this is just like a war!” He wages all out war with proxy forces for several months and when they start to loose, he invades Ukraine with Russian military equipment and personnel. Since that did not defeat the Ukraine ATO force, he is now directly shelling the Ukrainian forces from Russia soil and he “thinks” it is just like a war! All I can say is

  • Rods

    The more tit-for-tat sanctions that Russia imposes against the west the better as their economy is only 2.5-3% in size compared to those imposing sanctions, so it will always hurt Russia much more than the west.

    It looks like food and drink may become a major area of import bans by Russia, I’m sure those Russian’s that crave the old Soviet times will be impressed with this, just like the old times, long queues for basic foodstuffs again!