Website dedicated to fallen ATO heroes will appear in the fall



2014/08/06 • War in the Donbas

The website will be called the “Heavenly Guard”; it will collect and offer information about all the men who perished in the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine.

The site will be designed to look like a memory book with information about each hero; it will also describe ways to provide financial help to the hero’s family or write a letter to his relatives.

“War begins when it is impossible to remember the names of all the fallen heroes. Our goal is to collect and store all these names…to remember.” say the organizers.

A group of designers is currently working on the site, while volunteers are drawing up lists of the deceased. They have requested a formal list from all government and law enforcement institutions (National Guard, volunteer battalions, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Social Policy, SBU [Security Service of Ukraine], Interior Ministry and Border Protection Service).

The Heavenly Guard will appear online in the Russian language in the fall. The organizers have promised to quickly create a Ukrainian and English version.

Volunteers state that, officially, approximately 400 ATO participants have perished in combat. However, they are sure that there are at least 500 and the number is growing every day.

Organizers also ask relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors of fallen heroes to send information (photos, videos, family contacts) to a special e-mail address: [email protected].

There is already one website dedicated to the men who laid down their lives for Ukraine:

Translated by Christine Chraibi, edited by Elizabeth Martin

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