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2014/08/04 • History

Editor’s note: Switzerland has since added 26 Russians and Ukrainians and 18 organizations to a list designed to prevent it from being used to circumvent Western sanctions against Russia. A number of EU sanctions will also apply in Switzerland because it as a member of the Schengen zone.

I read the news that Switzerland will not impose sanctions against Russia. They also stressed the importance of their role as a mediator in this disagreement. Who else, but I’m not at all surprised. Contrary to its vegetarian and very bright image (for the uninitiated), Switzerland is one of the most heinous and hypocritical countries in Europe, historically building its prosperity on the suffering of others.

By the way, do you know why Hitler didn’t cut off a piece of this cake, though it was his for the asking? Naive followers of the Swiss model of armed forces organization believe that Hitler feared the Swiss’ “military power”. Fairy tales. Switzerland was needed by the the almost totally internationally isolated Nazis as a trade partner. Swiss banks accepted otherwise useless and “trophies” from the east (eg, gold bullion taken from the teeth of Jews murdered in death camps), supplying the Reich’s military industry in return with a selection of tungsten, molybdenum and other strategic materials, without which it is impossible to produce, for example, tank armor. Too bad, no one took the trouble to calculate by how much longer the war lasted thanks to Switzerland’s “important” neutral intermediary and how many unnecessary casualties it caused.

The money and valuables, which were placed in Swiss banks by German and other European Jews, who soon died in the Holocaust, is a separate question. Over the following 5 or 6 decades the distinguished Swiss bankers did absolutely nothing to try to find the heirs, leaving the Swiss a treasure-trove great treasures (estimate the increase of the capital of 1 billion USD over 50 years at five per cent per annum). Moreover, when Jewish organizations began to make inquiries about it, the banks and the government suddenly discovered that all the documents were lost and that it was absolutely impossible to find the money. Fortunately, in the world there is a country whose judicial system is capable of putting almost any high-handed European banker put in his place. The American courts did just that and the Swiss bankers chose not to challenge those courts.

But the bastards, this thoroughly rotten essence of a “neutral” state, has not changed. We received proof of this today. These greedy bankers are not willing to lose the money that Russian oligarchs and officials steal from their own people.

I now wonder if Hitler had determined that the services of its sales agent were not needed, and annexed to the country of lakes and chocolate , would they would have continued to be proud of their neutrality or would they at least attempt to find the difference between good and evil?

Translated by Myron Spolsky


  • George
  • Jacks Channel

    I don’t believe in being neutral in World politics.

    • Milton Devonair

      Yup, especially if those that are trying to stay on the sidelines is laundering money for whoever is fighting/attacking other countries.

  • Mat

    I think it’s a bit ridiculous to invoke Nazi collaboration over the Swiss staying neutral with regard to unilateral sanctions.

  • Mat

    Just some further reading to add though, which backs up certain statements in the piece which would otherwise need ciation or proof:

    On collaboration in the banking system:

    On military myth:

    ” their equipment was not very up to date. Eugen Bircher, a Swiss colonel at the time, probably made a correct assessment of the situation when saying that the Germans would have been able to advance towards the Swiss capital Berne with a single tank regiment easily. (Edgar Bonjour, Neutralität, Bd. IV, 1970, p. 379″

    and there is another reason Switzerland was no absorbed:

    “Integrating the German speaking regions (74%) of Switzerland into the Third Reich – as Adolf Hitler did with Austria in 1938 and planned with Switzerland – would have led to civil disobedience and massive “internal” criticism within the Reich, thereby absorbing too many forces of secret police and armed forces and it might even have strengthened the internal resistance in Germany against the Nazi regime.”

    The Germans also didn’t want to go to war with the Swiss, who would have destroyed their rail system, which Germany needed to connect to Italy.

  • Mat

    Guess this article sounds silly now:

    Switzerland on Tuesday added 26 Russians and Ukrainians and 18 organizations to a list designed to prevent it being used as a conduit to circumvent Western sanctions against Russia.

    This latest move, which tracks the individuals and organizations on the European Union’s sanctions list, raises the number of people affected to 87 and the number of organizations to 20. The measures will come into force at 4:00 p.m. GMT on Tuesday.

    Switzerland decided in March against imposing its own sanctions in response to the Ukraine crisis and its economy minister said last weekend that the cabinet had no plans to change this policy.

    Instead, it has taken measures to ensure that it does not become a place for individuals or funds to bypass European sanctions.