Klimkin wants to return “former trust” in relations with Russia



2014/08/03 • Russia

Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin thinks that the trust lost between Ukraine and Russia has to be restored. In his opinion, it is also important for both countries to take initiative in this process.

He stated this in a live interview on TV 5 Monde, reports 112.ua.

“At the moment, relations with Russia are incredibly difficult because they lack the necessary trust. It is important to rebuild the former trust in relations between Ukraine and Russia. But this depends not only on Ukraine’s will, but also on the will of Russia. And it is important for this desire not to be judged by words alone, but by real action,” said Klimkin.

The head of the Ukrainian MFA noted that Russia is also part of Europe and therefore European values and norms should prevail there too.

Source: UkrInform

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Elizabeth Martin and Myron Spolsky


  • Donald Casavant

    Please…do not trust Russia until they prove by actions that they can be trusted again. The premiss is correct but they must show that they deserve to be trusted. The Russians, from their President down to their local TV reporters have spewed nothing but lies and falsehoods to the entire world, including their own people for the past few months. Every one outside of Russia agrees that the propaganda campaign waged by the Russian government and news services is the largest propaganda campaign that the world has seen since the beginning of WWII.

  • On the Balcony

    Apparently Klimkin was not properly briefed by his predecessor. If he had been then he would know that trust is impossible with Putin’s Russia in large part because Putin is a di*khead.

    • Milton Devonair

      la la la la la la la la…… 😀

      Although more accurately would be “beady eyed little rat eyed d*ckhead”

  • Problem Solver

    It is easy to let the genie out of the bottle. Propaganda has run fast and heavy on both sides. Polls now show that the citizens of Ukraine and Russia have negative opinions of each other. Many Ukrainians have died in the civil war and the war is not over. When it ends the border between Russia and Ukraine will be changed to try to prevent armor from moving across. This will result in a very restricted boarder between the two. One can expect increased security at boarder check points.

    On the economic side Ukraine’s military industrial complex cooperation with Russia will taper off and Russia will replace Ukraine suppliers where possible. It can be expected that Russia will not want to single source from Ukraine so those industries that still have a market in Russia will like see competition as secondary sources are developed by Russia.

    Finally Ukraine will be under pressure to increase its military. Money that is badly needed for fixing the economy will go into building and modernizing the Ukraine military. This will increase tension between Ukraine and Russia.

    Then you have the whole America & NATO thing. One can expect NATO to change direction in September. The focus will not be China and Russia since the war on terror has run its course. This again will put strain on relationship between Russia and Ukraine.

    So I do not think Pavlo Klimkin can put the genie back in the bottle. Just look at the comments below, hate, fear, distrust, etc. now exist. Trust is something that takes time to build. Hatred, fear, distrust can be created in a short time.

    • Milton Devonair

      “Propaganda has run fast and heavy on both sides”

      Wrong comradski. Criminals always say “well other people are doing it too!”
      Your russia and their propaganda machine have led to the creation of many, many websites to show just how many lies you russian put out there. And most of them are so juvenile, so absurd, that only a russian could be ignorant enough to believe them.

      Stopfakes.org is one I like, but others were shown here.
      Nice try comrade. We aren’t russians……

  • Rods

    It takes two, honesty, integrity and give and take to form a successful relationship, which must then be judged on actions not words.

    In the current scenario I can’t see how that can happen at a top political level without a regime change in Russia. Putin by his promotion of Russian nationalism is creating new tensions in Russia, amongst his supporting oligarchs that are being hit with sanctions and he is being sucked into an every increasing costly war with Ukraine that he is losing. On top of this he has a flat lining economy and has just made a commitment to double officials wages by 2018, while western sanctions ratchet up where they will take time to bite. Capital flight, an uncompetitive economy, lack of foreign investment and soft energy prices will mean continued support for a falling Rouble, though higher interest rates and burning up capital reserves, which will run out before 2018. If he loses the war in Ukraine, then he can expect the same fate as Galtieri in Argentina after the Falklands war, if he commits more and more support to the separatist terrorists or invades east Ukraine and takes over, he will have an Afghanistan on his door step and he can expect more western sanctions and a more and more isolated country and a permanently depressed economy which will see his demise. A combination of stubbornness, pride and anger has lead Putin to make a series of very bad decisions, where it is difficult to see how he can reverse or successfully extract himself from these, to stop his self-inflicted demise. It is now just a matter of time.

    • Milton Devonair

      “It takes two, honesty, integrity and give and take to form a successful
      relationship, which must then be judged on actions not words.”

      So when someone breaks into your house and wants to rape your daughter, instead of her fighting with him, if she just agrees on a time limit or the sexual positions, and he agrees to them, the rape is OK?

      • Rods

        Of course not, but the article is about repairing the relationship with Russia. Personally I would prefer that they were treated as the pariah country they have become, but that is not practical as the only way this war will end, like all wars is with a political settlement.

        To date with cease fires, Geneva agreement etc. all we have seen is take, take, take by Russia’s but that is part of their military doctrine! Any political settlement will not be worth the ink it is written with, without them honouring the terms.

  • Randall Cook

    The head of the Ukrainian MFA noted that Russia is also part of Europe
    and therefore European values and norms should prevail there too.~~ Mhhm, Mr. Minister..however Should doesn’t mean Could or Shall. Anyways Putler and gang consider themselves NOT part of Europe, & they are certainly acting as misanthropic dregs.

  • sandy miller

    Janet Jones…Kiev can start paying their gas bills when Putler gives Crimea back to Ukraine.

    • Milton Devonair

      Yup, part of the deal was rent reduction in exchange for gas…but as usual, the russians lied, then resorted to violence when they didn’t get their way when they wanted more and more and more.

  • Milton Devonair

    lol comrade, you russians always make the mistake of thinking that humans are as ignorant as you russians are.

    Give back Crimea.
    Get out of Abkhazia and the fictional country “south ossetia” and give both back to Georgia.
    Get out of Ingushetia and Dagestan.
    Get out of Chechnya.

    There, that would be a start for you russian primates to do before humans can start to consider you of being developed enough to safely interact with.

  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    Well, they should prevail, but then youre speaking of the amoral russians, remember?

  • Murf

    After Crimea and the war in Donebas why would Ukraine EVER trust Russia. In time there will be some reproachment and an easing of economic tensions. Both countries economies are every intertwined but trust, that’s going to take a while certainly not while Putin’s in office.

  • Donald Casavant

    What planet are you from? I think I have been trolled by a Russian!

  • sandy miller

    where are Problem Solvers answers to your questions? Good questions you asked?

    • Milton Devonair

      Just another example of why humans can never trust russia or russians. They lie, cheat, lie, steal, lie, murder, etc…..repeat.

      The two biggest threats to human civilization are russians and radical muslims. One is worse than the other, but at least the jihadist don’t constantly lie as much as russians do about their evil deeds.

      Humans are not safe around russians.