Video: Muscovites on new Western sanctions

2014/08/02 • Russia

RFE/RL’s Tom Balmforth asked residents of Moscow if they were concerned about the new round of sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union over Russia’s actions in eastern Ukraine. Most of the respondents said they thought the sanctions would have little effect on the Russian economy. They also expressed regret at the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West.

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  • Vlad Pufagtinenko

    Must be nice living in LA LA LAND

  • On the Balcony

    Russian chauvinism makes American nationalistic-egoists appear humble. Sanctions should not be aimed at the upper echelons of Putin’s dictatorship but designed to impact directly upon his power base –individual Russian people. Over 30 million Russians take their vacations abroad, most of them in EU countries. I wonder how Russians would react if the EU stopped issuing tourist visas and simultaneously banned exports of prepared foods, cosmetics and similar products to Russia.

  • sandy miller

    What’s really pathetic is that they don’t think a thing about killing their Ukrainian neighbors they’re just sad they may not be able to go to Western Countries. I agree let’s not any of them anywhere into any western country. Let them sit in their barbaric country while Ukraine with the west becomes like other western countries in their live style.