Putin is panicking, anything could be next



2014/08/02 • Military analysis

Ukraine has very little time left. Putin is entering a state of uncontrollable hysteria, a psychological stupor. His nerves are about to break; he is the target of massive pressure from his inner circle. Putin, like a gambling addict, risked not only his political future, but also his physical life and the existence of the Russian Federation as a state. 

He is now accumulating all the resources necessary to deploy his troops in Ukraine and begin a full-fledged war. Unfortunately, the majority of the Ukrainian population, especially in Central and Eastern cities and Kyiv, do not understand that war is already knocking at their door. Putin may end up losing his marbles and give the order to launch missiles and air strikes at major cities in Ukraine.

The saddest thing is that it is incomprehensible to the fat cats, moneybags, billionaires, and the nouveau riche. They continue indulging their pleasures, engaging in hedonism, and mindlessly wasting the money they have stolen. Today, the time has come for the billionaires to give up at least half of their fortunes in order to arm Ukraine, to defend Ukraine from the Russian aggressor. This has to be done immediately. We have very little time left.

The Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts must be cleansed of Russian saboteurs, by all means, throughout the first week of August. To do this, it is necessary to destroy the so-called People’s Republic of Donetsk in the next couple of days, to capture the cities of Donetsk oblast which remain under the control of Russian terrorists. It is necessary to involve volunteer brigades that served in the airborne troops and special services. Corridors should be made and they should enter the cities and destroy the enemy’s main bases there. Action should be merciless, swift, and confident, otherwise all of Ukraine will suffer.

Armored tanks should be used more actively, tank columns should be used to create corridors and enter cities following a chessboard pattern to free them from occupants under the cover of air support and artillery.

It is essential to form new brigades as quickly as possible, to rely as much as possible on professional volunteers. Plans to increase the number of fighters participating in combat needto be developed. The Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian parliament] must immediately pass the law granting land to veterans and combatants in Donbas – a minimum of 5 hectares, up 10 hectares for the wounded and dead, as well as a 0% rate on construction and the purchase of necessary tools and materials.

Source: Politikum

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Elizabeth Martin

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  • Shirley Damazo

    Who is the author of this article? Is this verified info?

    • True_finn

      Between Truth and Lie stands propaganda what can be both depending what is your belief.

      The way how Putin act currently is not good and I thin he speak one thing and do another, but starting WWIII, I think he try get he´s goal without it.

      To be honest here, I dont trust Putins word, but its just one opinion here.

      …anyway Putin need get he´s hand off from Ukraine and make sure that he´s country men´s stay of too. Ukraine is not committing massmurders or other “low ethic” operations. They have too much “free non-government controlled” press there so illegal operations will be revealed very quickly.(like what Snowden&Assange did xD )

      • Shirley Damazo

        Yes, I agree with you. But first I thought it was spreading fear and we have had enough of this. We simply cannot take Putin seriously. What is happening in the east is awful. It might be our future elsewhere if he is not stopped now. A terrorist with UN clearance is absolute dangerous.

  • Donald Casavant

    I find this very hard to believe. Putlier is stupid, but I do not think that even he is this stupid! I hope the author of this story will be identified so that we can determine if there is any truth in this story or if it just hype. Is the author just a talking head or does she/he have any credibility?

  • evanlarkspur

    Donald, I believe we stand closer to WWIII than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis. WWI started in essentially five weeks. We are currently in a spiral of heightening tension and rhetoric, as the west has finally been roused, and putins smug assuredness that our inaction came from inability rather than our natural tendency to believe good in others has been dashed. But he overextended himself and cannot retreat.

    • Donald Casavant

      I hope your wrong. I believe that WWIII will end in a Nuclear holocaust, no one will win WWIII it will be the end of this planet and the end of every living thing. All this because Putlier cannot back down? I think that before it comes to that, that there are people in Putlier’s inner circle that would take care of Putlier. I do not think that everyone in Russia has a death wish.

  • Donald Casavant

    I think that this report is a FUD report, that is a report to spread Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. I guess that you know that on the weekends all the adults go home and these “news” sources are turned over to the children.
    Let’s face it there are several hundred things that Putlier can do to sink the Ukraine without restoring to ending the world. I doubt that there is any credibility in this report. I am very surprised that Euromaidanpress even published this story…Oh I forgot…the children run things on the weekends!!

    • Frank Fileccia

      While I agree with most of what is said in the article, I do have to question it’s authenticity? Who is the author, and since when is the war to be a “land grab”? When was it decided that the reason to fight is to steal land from it’s rightful owners? For me, that last paragraph and the demand for land blows any credibility this article had out of the water

      • Donald Casavant

        Frank, I agree with you 100% Who is the author and what are his/her qualifications to make these statements.

        • Frank Fileccia

          Searching back to the original source, it seems to be some sort of “opinion/analysis” group on FB. But with doubtful qualifications or background. Even the owner is not shown on the group. And I’m a little pissed of that they are using my image in their banner advertising.

          • Donald Casavant

            Sorry about them using your banner, but thanks for the info. I will sleep a little better after knowing what you found out. I live in the Ukraine and I am always mindful of posts that yell,”Leave the world is going to end!!”

          • Frank Fileccia

            So do I. And I have no intention of letting Putler chase me away

          • Donald Casavant

            Beautiful country, great people! Won’t chase me away either!

  • sandy miller

    Putin could easily directly invade Ukraine. He’s crazy…But, why haven’t Ukraine been preparing for the worst? Why are they just calling people to arms now. I too would like to know who the author is to see if this has any legitimacy.

    • llewellynh

      People have been signing up for months. Don’t know where you get the idea Ukrainians haven’t been preparing to the best of their ability. Problem has been they have needed surplus military items and have received nothing other than 300K MRE’s.

    • Frank Fileccia

      The article has zero legitimacy. It’s an opinion piece, and a not very educated opinion at that.

  • jmundstuk

    What is this? Who is the author?

  • garyoptica

    Has Ukraine considered the massive problem Putin would have if he engaged any form of invasion into Ukraine that results in mass death and if the gas pipe was turned off in protest?

    With a five year gap before Russia can survive on other forms of energy exports other than the EU and a complete economic trade war with Russia Putins economic outlook for Russia would be a second soviet meltdown with no IMF bail out this time taking on a nation a third the size in military power fighting away from home and in the heartland of a massively courageous Ukraine.

    “Surely Putin has lost his marbles completely if he considers gambling”

  • ພັກ ປະຊາທິປະໄຕລາວ

    Let him kill thousands of the Russian speaking people in the East that he claims to protect. The world will see how crazy he is.