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2014/08/02 • Russia

Nedelya [Week] hosted by Marianna Maksimovskaya had been on the air for 11 years

Russian channel Ren-TV cancelled Marianna Maksimovskaya’s Nedelya, the last news show in Russia that gave unbiased coverage of the situation in Russia and the policies of the Russian government. It included a variety of perspectives in reports, not just the pro-Kremlin opinions presented on other Russian TV news shows.

Roman Super, Nedelya’s lead reporter, wrote about it on Facebook:

“I don’t want to shed any tears. I’d like to express my love, Marianna. For each airing, for each clip, for each lead-in, for the profession, for the friendship, for helping save my wife, for trips around the world – from Kopeisk to Pyongyang, for showing me Russia and the world, for telling me what I had to do and what I always should do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Nedelya has been shut down”

He also announced he was looking for a new job. Marianna Maksimovskaya’s Nedelya had been on the air for 11 years.

Source: Unian, translated by Kirill Mikhailov

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  • Jacks Channel

    Shades of North Korea?

  • Donald Casavant

    I am surprised she lasted for 11 years.