Militants fire at minibus with children, one killed



2014/07/29 • News

Russian-backed militants fired at a minibus with children who were being evacuated from orphanages. One child was killed and ten injured, reports Ukrainska Pravda, July 29.

Dmytro Tymchuk, head of Information Resistance, reported the tragedy on Facebook, Tuesday, July 29. He said it happened on Monday, July 28,  on the Donetsk-Volnohakha road.

“By prior arrangement with the direction of the terrorist organization ‘Donetsk People’s Republic,’ minibuses carrying around 60 children were sent from Donetsk to Mariupol,” he wrote.

“On the way, terrorists of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ opened small-arms fire on  one of the minibuses despite information from their supervisors regarding the transfer of children, the time and the route,” he said.

One child was killed. Some 10 children received injuries of varying severity,” Tymchuk said.



  • Donald Casavant

    People that do things like this should not be allowed to live. These terrorists must be captured and punished for these types heinous crimes. These are the same terrorists that Frau Merkel wants Poroshenko to sit down with and try to come up with a peaceable solution to the “Ukrainian” problem. Kill them all and let God sort them out!

  • Jacks Channel

    Okay, whats this about? Mis-communication between separatists groups? I don’t know.

  • Oella

    This is likely no accident. It’s about spreading terror and showing that they, the separatists, will stop at nothing. Only a complete surrender is acceptable to them. This capitulation they think is still possible if they create an environment of paralyzingly fear. The word of those who use human shields as battle tactics has absolutely no credibility.

  • sandy miller

    track down and kill the son-of-a-bitches. Unbelievable…to kill children like those poor orphaned children haven’t already suffered enough. Why does Ukraine have orphans anyway. Why not have them adopted out to good parents. Lots of people would love them dearly . Instead , they’re being taken around Ukraine and in dangerous situations. I can just imagine their fear. I wann go there and kill thae bastards that did this. This makes me a angier than anything else that has happened.