Captured spy reveals reveals gruesome details about “separatist” activity in Eastern Ukraine

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2014/07/29 • War in the Donbas

In Artemivsk, a town of the Donetsk Oblast, servicemen of the Artemivsk sub-unit captured a spy serving the terrorists whose task was to survey the movement of the Ukrainian forces, as journalist Yurii Kasyanov informed.

“The most ordinary separatism. Rape followed by murder. Looting passing vehicles and shooting the drivers… He is an ordinary “separatist” with a common story of rape, looting, murders…” wrote Kasyanov.

On the video the man sitting with his back turned to the camera tells how he was at a check-point in Sloviansk for more than two months, and had to flee when the Ukrainian servicemen were approaching it.

According to him, the pro-Russian militants raped and then killed young women that were brought from the town, shot peaceful civilians who were resisting while the militants tried taking away their valuables and money. When asked who was taking part in shooting peaceful civilians, the terrorist replied: “Matveichenko Kostyantyn, who reported directly to Girkin.”

The arrested told that the young women were brought in by a certain Kostiantyn Shybitov, a Ukrainian citizen approximately 40 years old. There were Chechens, Russians and Cuban Cossacks among the militants – around 700 people in a garrison.

Earlier, it was reported that the terrorists are moving to Sloviansk in small groups, under the guise of peaceful civilians.

Original video in Russian:

Source:, translated by Dasha Darchuk, edited by Alya Shandra

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  • sandy miller

    OMG if this is true…what kind of beasts are these people and why aren’t the citizens in those areas running to Ukraine or telling these stories…why is it a seperatist spy telling this story. This is so disgusting I’m ashamed to be a Ukrainian.

    • Brent

      First of all, I am in no way am I justifying this horrible act of war, but this is not the first time this has happened in recent history. Noted World War II historian and author Antony Beevor wrote a book about this subject and the Soviet army in World War II raping not only German women, but also Ukrainian, Polish and Russian women who were liberated from German labor camps. The book was “Berlin: The Downfall 1945.

      The Serbian army also has been accused of this tactic in Bosnia in the 1990’s and again in Kosovo….yes, the same country Putin loves using as justification for annexing Crimea and condemn NATO’s involvement in…but of course we know he would deny any of his Russians or brothers Serbs would commit such acts…

      To be fair, there are also confirmed stories about U.N. troops partaking in the Serbian run brothels that used the Bosnian and Croatian women. There was a movie called “The Whistleblower” with Rachel Weisz in it about this subject that was very hard to watch, but really opened my eyes to the acts committed during war time. It’s difficult to think we live in a world that condones this activity, and if you ask what the U.N. did about this, keep in mind the U.N. currently has Iran on its Human Rights Council

      This site, Euromaiden Press, is currently running a story about the pro-Russian fighters having captured local young girls ranging in age from 18 to 22 setup as “relief” for their fighters in the basement of the Lugansk SBU building. I also just read the ATO has captured a Serbian commander, Bratislav Zivkovic, of the notorious Serbian Chetniks in Donetsk. He also showed up in Crimea. They talk about supporting the Russians, who have also fought with them in the Balkan wars.

      With the persecution and murder of clergy members that do not bow to the Moscow patriarchy, with the brutalization, kidnapping, holding for ransom, findings of mass graves around Slovyansk, I think Put-ler may have a lot more to answer for what he has unleashed on his ‘little brothers’ in Ukraine.

      Once thing you mentioned in your comment, you are “ashamed to be a Ukrainian”. In my opinion, this isn’t Ukrainians doing this, but the hired pro-Russian thugs and mercenaries sent into Ukraine by Put-ler. The one common connection I can see is the “Russians”, “Serbians”, “Orthodox”. I know that may upset some people but this has become a pattern in conflicts involving these groups. I’m not sure if local “Ukrainians” are turning a blind eye to this, but I keep reading about ‘liberated’ towns that used to support Russia and the insurgents now being happy to see the Ukrainian soliders arrive. That, my fellow Ukrainian, is something we both can be proud of. If Ukraine prevails, I have a feeling Put-ler may have a similar fate to Slobodan Milosevic.

      • Ian Rutherford

        Sure. The Hell is empty and all the Russians are here. God save the innocent Ukraine.

        • Brent

          Thanks for your concern “Neville”… I took a look at some of your postings and it’s sad to see the lack of compassion and caring for a peaceful nation that is being dismembered by a thug little bastard like Putin just because of his revisionist theories of history and refusal to recognize Ukrainians for their own identity.

          • Ian Rutherford

            Aw, you poor little brent – thing, carry on having a compassion for a “peaceful” little “nation”. You heart ( in the apparent absence of it) bleeds for it, doesn’t it ? —


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          • Brent

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          • Ian Rutherford

            You R a highly disturbed cretin.
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          • Brent

            Hey, a new insult!!! I don’t think you’ve used that one before….thanks Herr Rutherford! I feel so special….

            Curious are you upset because your Rosneft stocks just tanked, or are you really this much of a douche? Send me your address and I’ll mail you some fresh pork chops to nail to your forehead to see if “Sparky” comes back to play with you….

          • Ian Rutherford


          • Brent

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          • Ian Rutherford

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          • Brent

            Congratulations! You’re starting to sound more Russki with each post!!! Instead of player “cowboys and indians”, you want to play “Russian terrorist and Ukrainian citizen” and shoot me!

            Good boy…here’s the ‘pork chop’ I promised!!! Now go back down to your babushka’s basement and hammer away on your computer as per your KGB playlist for the next 8 hours….

          • Ian Rutherford

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            try not to get your knickers in a twist though.

  • catonine

    He may be a Ukrainian citizen but that doesn’t mean he’s an ethnic Ukrainian. And the spy says the garrison was mostly chechens, russians, and other ethnicities — those are the rapists and murderers. The Ukrainian people are nothing like that and you SHOULD BE PROUD to be Ukrainian!

  • Milton Devonair

    I’ve said it a lot, but history has said it a lot more, over and over and over–
    The history of russians is rape, looting and murder. It’s the scorpion and frog parable.
    It’s who they are. It’s what they are.
    Humans have never been safe around russians.