A military newspaper is delivering truth to the freed Ukrainian cities



2014/07/29 • War in the Donbas

Besides power, water and bread, people in the liberated towns and cities need non-biased, full, truthful information, that can be trusted, that can be supported by the facts.

In the process of retreating from our towns and cities, Russian mercenaries are destroying all municipal infrastructure, especially means of communication that could provide people with important information in Ukraine. That is why the editorial office of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine decided to publish additional issues of the newspaper to be distributed throughout liberated cities.

The day after the freeing Lysychansk, residents of the city received issues of the “People’s Army”. Locals were reading the newspaper with the interest in the achievements of the military in Eastern Ukraine and the political situation in Ukraine. According to the Lysychansk residents, they “ate” enough of Russian lies and now strive for the truth. Another example of this is in the liberated city of Kramatorsk – where people received newspapers following a celebratory concert.