Ukraine’s Decisive Victory at Saur-Mohyla



2014/07/28 • War in the Donbas

July 28 marked another victory of the Anti-Terrorist Force over the Russian mercenaries. In a heated battle Ukrainian military has taken the critical high point Saur Mohyla. This victory opened a supply corridor for the units at the border that had been holding the enemy back for a long time, preventing new weapons and mercenaries from Russia from crossing our border. It should be noted that our heroes fought in almost complete encirclement.

The paratroopers holding positions near the Russian border were practically cut off from the rest of the anti-terrorist force. Their positions were under constant heavy fire both from Russia and the gangs armed and paid by the Russian regime. The enemy’s atrocity knew no bounds. The shelling broke all the international warfare ethics, forbidden weapons and ammo were used. The Russians shelled our troops with Grad multi-rocket launchers, mortars of different caliber, grenade launchers and other weapons. The glorious Ukrainian soldiers and officers held off this onslaught. Not a single shell or bullet hit Russia in response to these shameful provocations. Our servicemen held to their positions despite losing their brothers in arms, even the heavily wounded asked not to send the to the rear but to let them stay there to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine. They were lacking in food and water, ammunition was running out, but no one yielded a step of their land. The soldiers also had to hold through a propaganda onslaught in the rear to discredit both the ATO commanders and our heroes.

Each of the paratroopers fighting near the Russian border is a hero! – noted Viktor Muzhenko, the Anti-Terrorist Operation commander. – They performed all their tasks with courage and in full. Due to their unbreakable spirit and the unique character of the paratroopers ten cities in Donetsk and Luhansk regions have been freed. Today the Ukrainian people watch as their new national heroes are born. These ate the heroes the future generation will be proud of, sing songs and make movies about. These heroes truly symbolize Ukrainian unity, since Ukrainians from all regions are currently fighting in the ATO zone.

We don’t know all the names of these heroes yet. Due to many circumstances we still can’t reveal them. But very soon we’ll witness these new Ukrainian knights get the honor they deserve. Glory to the paratroopers! Glory to the Ukrainian army!

Source: ATO press center

Translated by Kirill Mikhailov

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  • Kevin Traynor

    Well done brave Ukrainian soldiers and all patriots! We in UK/EU/USA and all free world are with you! Keep safe out there!

    • Uncle_Ruckus

      Ukraine is the invading force, they are blindly shelling Civilians, take a nice deep wiff of the shit you’re smelling, and open your eyes.

      • LorCanada

        And what do you think the Russian Special Forces, and the Chechen rebels, and the snipers with their guns, tanks, missiles, etc., are doing at the eastern Ukrainian border? Playing cards? No! They are there to kill Ukrainian citizens and divide the country.

  • Donald Casavant

    is wrong here. If you receive Ukrainian
    TV and have watched the spokesman for the Information and Analysis Center of
    the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine describe the same battle
    things are very different. The spokesman
    mentioned the battle with several other battles, without special mention. Yes, it was a battle that the Ukrainian ATO
    force won. Yes the paratroopers did a
    fantastic job while being shelled from both sides, one side from Russia and the
    other side from the Russian Terrorists inside Ukraine. Yes they stopped Russia from sending more terrorist,
    arms, and heavy equipment across the border into Ukraine, however isn’t: “Today the Ukrainian people watch as their
    new national heroes are born. These are the heroes the future generation will
    be proud of, sing songs and make movies about. These heroes truly symbolize
    Ukrainian unity, since Ukrainians from all regions are currently fighting in
    the ATO zone”, a little over the top?
    I am a strong supporter of the Ukrainian government and people; however
    I want facts, not hyperbole. It is not
    necessary to publish propaganda in Ukraine, there is enough propaganda being spewed
    by Russia. This is the same news source that
    a week ago reported that Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia were accorded Non-NATO
    Ally status with the USA. That posting
    lasted less than an hour before it disappeared forever! Give us
    the facts, un-colored and un-hyped; we are smart enough to make our own
    decisions as to your reporting!

    • jmundstuk

      Well said and completely agree.

    • Uncle_Ruckus

      Western Propaganda was what got your last Government booted out of office, that and a few key provocateurs…. If you wanted a United Ukraine, you shouldn’t have kicked out half the politicians in your government and then start drafting a constitution without 1/3 your citizen’s at the table.

      • caap02

        Ukrainians’ personal knowledge of daily life under Yanukovich’s regime is what got Ukraine’s last government booted out of office.

  • Mark Alena Shmandura

    So proud of everyone of Ukrainian soldiers!

  • arpete29

    a step towards peace!

  • Invictus Infidelis

    Слава Украина. And it’s not too much to praise these defenders of Ukraine. It is easy for our soldiers in America to defend our interests with pride, Ukrainian soldiers on the other hand don’t have a lot to encourage them to acts of immense heroism and sacrifice. They lack the same institutional structures that our warriors have that support their deeds and sacrifices. Therefore they deserve all the praise and unrestrained glorification the poets and media of Ukraine can heap on them. It’s the least they deserve for the price they’re paying to recreate a sovereign nation of their own from the ashes of its troubled past. If you truly support them, why would you object? Donald Casavant??

    • Donald Casavant

      If you read my post again you will see that I was objecting about the reporting not the Ukrainian Army or any praise they deserve.

      • Invictus Infidelis

        I stand corrected then, and thanks for your support of Ukraine, they’re trying to create something superior out of a decayed entity that was, the process won’t always be pretty, but the end result will be worthwhile.

  • Adrian Rrllc

    Great strategic victory! A large portion of the terrorist forces are now isolated.

  • Lorren Hammond

    Glory to Ukraine. The blood that renews the tree of liberty is being shed in Ukraine today. Freedom given is scarcely valued, but freedom fought and bled for is priceless, and the striving glues a nation together. We are inspired by the people of Ukraine, we owe them our assistance, and we will be honored if they call us friends.
    Slava Ukrainye, slava geroyem!

  • Murf

    Congratulations to the soldiers of the UA Army.
    In the crucible of war Ukraine is becoming a nation.

  • Cristian Muñoz

    This is the Ukraine’s war of national liberation against Russian colonial aggression.
    Glory to Ukraine.

    • Uncle_Ruckus

      And now you are subjects of the World Bank and the IMF, Who can’t wait to plunder your countries resources for blind consumerism.

      • Adam Rytwiński

        Really? As the subject of the WB and IMF is for example Poland now? Yeah… we were told the same 15 years ago, but instead our economy is bullishing, we have economical growth and our industrial production is the highest in history, foreign trade balance is positive. Quite opposite to what you are saying ;))))

  • Uncle_Ruckus

    Whats the point?

    Ukriane already fucked up by kicking all the Eastern Ukrainian Politicians.

    They don’t want to be apart of the Country, they have no voice in. Ukraine is the invading force…

    Sprinkle a little Russian/Western Propaganda and you’ll have every Russian-Mother’s Ukrainian Son Fight to the Death for that little strip of land…

  • Adam Rytwiński

    Congratulations to Ukrainian soldiers! I hope you finish the job soon :)

  • Hillarious Clinton

    The only “victory” you have achieved is split country and holodomor to come…And thank to your oligarchs,khazars and West which had betrayed you(as always)…