Russians deport Donbas refugees to the Far East



2014/07/27 • Russia

The idea of Russian officials to dilute the Chinese population with Ukrainians is becoming reality.

From Pulkovo airport (St. Petersburg, RF), a group of Ukrainian refugees went to their new place of residence in Khabarovsk. For this, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations provided a jet. 88 Ukrainian citizens were onboard, including 31 children, reports Russian “Vesti.”

The transportation was organized by the government operative headquarters in Leningrad oblast.

The temporary refugees from Ukraine arrived in Leningrad last back in the beginning of July. The people lived for 20 days in the temporary accommodation points in the village of Rozhdestveno and Agalatovo. In Khabarovsk, they were promised shelter and work.

Source: Obkom
Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • George

    The people of Crimea who chose russian passports and thought the town of residency, in some far distant corner of russia was an administrative mistake: when you are sent there to live perhaps then you’ll wake up.

  • Milton Devonair
  • Mellow Jessica

    Are we supposed to feel sympathy for these collaborators?

    If they will pick up a gun to fight the Russian invaders now – ok – (or strap bomb to baby (stroller! not live baby!! sheesh…) but if they still support Putin, I hope they never see Crimea again because they deserve to die in exile.