Ukrainians merit Russian hatred



2014/07/26 • Politics

82% of Russians cannot be mistaken. Their illusion of imperialistic grandeur and orthodox trinity was suddenly barbarically interrupted by some Ukrainians that ruined everything. 

82% of Russians think that something happened to the Ukrainians, that they were zombified and now, at gunpoint, or under influence from American mental radiation, are being made to ignore the bloody crimes committed by the fascist Junta. And not to notice the Junta itself either. That any normal Russian has no doubt that “something happened to the Ukrainians,” and what became the reason for a completely comprehensive (for them) military campaign “Let’s save our little brothers!,” evokes rejection, anger, and disgust from Ukrainians.

So what happened? What happened to the Russians is obvious: they’ve gone cuckoo. They entered their usual state of mass mental illness, where up is down, war is peace and Kiselev is a journalist. And what happened to the Ukrainians?

The thing with Ukrainians is more complicated. What happened to the Ukrainians can only be understood through the Russians’ perception of them. The fact that the majority of the citizens of the neighboring country have noticed that there is something amiss with us, has to be the key to solving the puzzle.

Of course, it is not right to transfer the mechanisms of personal psychology to social, collective processes. But if one really wants to, then why not? We will not pretend to be scientists and will therefore examine the mass psychosis phenomenon through the prism of such a personal illness as psychosis.

Psychosis in itself is a psychiatric disorder, a specific perception of the world, which distorts the picture of the world so much that it completely breaks with reality. An alcoholic sees demons, when there are no demons, or only mice, but otherwise nothing that can be mistaken for a demon, or be seen. Or someone who is paranoid, who is sure that his neighbors are subjecting them to space radiation, does not find it strange that nobody has lived in the neighboring apartment for an entire year, and that it is empty. All pathological hallucinations, illusions, don’t require proof and are not based on reality. They are reality, constructed by a damaged psyche out of nowhere.

So what happened to the Ukrainians, what made their Russian neighbors so concerned? In sum, Ukrainians happened. They emerged, burst into the Russians’ reality as an occurrence and a collective whole. The collective mind of the Russians, subject to imperial illusions, suddenly noticed them. It noticed them and registered them as part of its sick reality.

It turned out that there are some sort of Ukrainians and that they are bad, because they are wrong. “We hate them because we hate us. Our people have long ago decided that we have to be on their territory. And they are against it. They are resisting. They dare fight. Hypocrites! We thought they didn’t exist, that there is a single nation and a single country. And they, a Department of State project, do exist, it turns out. Not like us at all. Where we, the Little Russians, and our lands used to be, suddenly they appeared. It isn’t fair. We want to reestablish the fair picture of the world, where they don’t exist. And they don’t agree! They are laughing in our faces and living healthily to spite us. They are not like us at all. No familiarity whatsoever. Fascists! A product of hell and America’s Banderites!”

82% of Russians cannot be mistaken. Their illusion of imperialistic grandeur and orthodox trinity was suddenly barbarically interrupted by some Ukrainians that ruined everything. We should be happy about this occurrence. Even if the sick collective mind noticed our existence, this means that we did happen.

The emergence of Ukrainians as a subject in the Russians’ imperialistic illusion made us enemies, provoked ardent hatred. They don’t want to enslave us or force us into brotherly, but God forbid, a perverse love of nations. They want to destroy us, because we are an alien element that disrupts their reality.

Now the time has come to feel the ground underneath our feet, “ground ourselves,” look around and act here and now, as a self-sufficient subject. Now our century-long attempt to convince them of our existence, our call, which is flying into the Big Russian void, full of chauvinistic tales about the artificiality, unnaturalness of Ukraine and Ukrainians: “We are here! We are a people! We are a country!” has reached its destination. We have been noticed, the reflex work, they see us as something else, something alien and started hating us. Now the very fact that Ukrainians exist is confirmed by the Russians, even the most insane ones. We can stop proving something to them, knocking on their doors and convincing them. 82% of Russians feel our presence in our world night and day, they feel it and go mad.

We, the Ukrainians, have to admit that we no longer have to fight for our identity. The time has come to fight for our existence. Therefore it’s time to stop naïvely broadcasting to the world our beauty and pacifism in a Maidan fashion, hoping that our dream of a beautiful world for everyone will thaw the ice in the souls of our enemies. We have to stop trying to convince the madmen that we merit their love and respect. 82% of Russians think that something is wrong with us and are ready to fight us, striving to eliminate us, crush us, erase the very memory of us from the face of the earth.

They hate us. And the time has come to prove that we merit their hatred and pose a threat to their insanity with our very existence.

Source: Espreso.TV
Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • Jacks Channel

    What Ukraine needs to do is hold a national poll. A poll asking the Ukrainian people what direction they want their country to go. The poll should be conducted for the sake of silencing the Russian Federation once and for all as to the reasons why Ukrainians want to align themselves with the West, and not Russia. The poll should be conducted “by the Russians”, so they can’t accuse anyone of cheating, and should be monitored by electoral authorities from around the World so it is fair. I think then and only then will Putin realize that Ukrainians are not being influenced by the West, but by themselves based on biased Russian foreign policy which the Ukrainians hate because it infringes on their right to self determination.

    • Mat

      They had a poll, it was called the presidential election.

      Russians would never allow a real poll, they would just make up random numbers.

      • David Rusinas

        Ukrainians have already decided that they want to join the EU; although there would be no harm in holding a referendum on the issue.

    • Brent

      A good idea, in theory…..BUT
      1) Russian mercenaries in the occupied Donbas did not allow voting in the regions they controlled in the Presidential election
      2) First the ‘thugs with guns’ who are kidnapping, intimidating, murdering ordinary Ukrainian citizens needs to be resolved
      3) Russians monitoring the election??? The same Russians who gave us the sham Crimean referendum That recognized the sham Donbas referendums? How about our vaunted United Nations gets its collective craniums out of its rectums and sends in some peacekeepers before Russia decides to send in their ‘peacekeepers’ which are nothing less than the same soldiers firing missiles into Ukraine but with blue helmets?

      I would love to see a national referendum BUT AFTER Ukraine can be allowed to remove the ‘foreign elements’ currently contaminating its regions and bringing civil unrest to their lands

    • Milan Schulz

      Dude you need to understand that Putin is perfectly aware what the Ukrainian people want. This has nothing to do with what the Ukrainian people want, Putin will not stop until Russia’s imperialistic grandeur is recognised, he will not stop until Ukraine bows below him again. This conflict started because the Ukrainian people chose what they wanted and that didnt align with what the Kremlin wants. This is a simple case of a larger nation asserting it’s power and inlfuence on a smaller country. For all intents and purposes, Putin is a war criminal

  • Russell Grigaitis
  • wimroffel

    The Russians don’t need extensive theories. They saw the opinion polls in December that 45% of the Ukrainian population supported the Maidan protests while 50% opposed them. They saw more recent opinion polls that showed that only 51.2% of the Ukrainian population considers the present government legitimate.

    • Cristian Muñoz


      • wimroffel
        • Cristian Muñoz

          Thanks, Reading it.

        • Cristian Muñoz

          Nice, but the R&B Group research was made in December, 2013. I would like to see something more specific showing the Ukrainian people impressions of the nation after the May, 25, Presidential election.

          • wimroffel

            Sorry, but didn’t you read what I wrote?:
            – The 45%-50% values comes from the R&B research in December and show that the Maidan had no majority support.
            – the 51.2% figure comes from a Gallup poll in April. I haven’t seen more recent figures yet.

          • Cristian Muñoz

            Yes, but in APRIL. : / What about something after that month??.

        • Cristian Muñoz

          Political and social landscape are rapidly changing in Ukraine after the Presidential election of May 25, 2014 in which Poroshenko was elected. So, we can’t base our perceptions in a poll made in December 2013, when nobody predicted the demise of Yanukovich.

  • Cristian Muñoz

    Russia will NOT respect Ukrainian independence until a extracontinental superpower establish a network of military bases in Ukraine. If you don’t believe me, then look at West Germany, they never were invaded by USSR, as Nikita Kruschev angrily wanted, because of US bases in Germany and Italy. Since the end of WW2, China wanted to take revenge against Japan, especially when Japan was experiencing a massive economic development after 1953. When Japan hosted the Summer Olympics in October, 1964, in which the postwar Japan was showing it new modern face to the World, China decided to test its first atomic bomb in the same month of October, 1964. China used its first nuclear weapon test to send a message to Japan that China was the “strongest in Asia”, not the massive Japanese economy at that time. After that nuclear test, Japan was fearing a nuclear attack from China, but it never happened because of the massive network of US military bases in Japan and US nuclear umbrella over Japan. Without US military bases in West Germany, Italy or Japan, USSR and China would have invaded those countries long ago. This time, Ukraine face a renewed Russia colonial aggression and Ukrainian nation is committed to stop Russia, even if it involve new military alliances with Western nations. Unfortunately for Russia, Moscow colonial government is pushing Ukraine toward military alliances with Western nations or extracontinental superpowers like USA. Well, only time will say if Russia made good in sending thousands of Russian citizens to kill Ukrainians in Donbas. But, if Ukrainian people preceive that Russia is a threat, Ukraine will join NATO or will engage in some other kind of military arrangement. It could not be NATO, but something more specific like US have in Asia: US-Japan, US-Korea or ANZUS. Probably like US-Poland-Ukraine, etc.

  • Gerard Bocquee

    Don’t you understand what the NWO is doing? The Old Roman empire is being revived, through Germany, the country which started two world wars. Russia is the victim, not the perpetrator. The book of Revelation tells us that. You Europeans are being sucked in by the NWO’s agenda to control the world. Germany is behind most of that. This could start the battle of Armageddon. Those who are born again Christians will be raptured and those who reject Christ will be left behind. Ukraine is doomed. If it joins Europe it will be subservient to Germany and if it Joins with Russia it will be doomed just the same. Before you take sides with what looks neat, brush up on your history. Look up the Bible and search for Gog and Magog. Europe won’t save Ukraine, neither will Russia. My friend it’s all predicted. Enjoy the ride. God bless you.