Scandal in the international camp: advisor with striped ribbon vs children in vyshyvankas



2014/07/26 • Political News

Russian aggression against Ukraine has touched Ukrainian children on holiday in the European Union. The incident happened in the “Mistral” children’s camp located on the Black sea coast in Bulgaria. Russian-speaking animation team leader made Ukrainian schoolchildren take off their vyshyvankas (embroidered Ukrainian national shirts). This happened in front of peers from all over Europe. 

When the parents of the Ukrainian schoolchildren learned about the incident, they contacted the journalists. The relatives of the children told «Glavcom» that this incident was not an isolated case but rather a culmination of a long-standing ethnic discrimination of children in this international camp. Igor Abessinov, camp Mistral’s head animator banned all things ukrainian from children’s agenda.

In particular, the schoolchildren wanted to perform a Ukrainian song in one of the competitions and received a categorical refusal from the animation leader. “Sing in Russian or in English,” – Abessinov told them.

Olena Lakiychuk, the mother of one of the children, told “Glavkom,” that the incident with the vyshyvankas happened on July 24th. A group of Ukrainian children, in light of Flag Day celebrated in Ukraine, put on their national dress to go to the camp canteen. “Animator Abessinov, having seen the children, stormed up to them and ordered them to take the vyshyvankas off,” – Lakiychuk said. According to her, the kids were forced to obey under the threat of the 125 Euro fine. The curator of the Ukrainian children’s group Anna Golovatskaya advised the children not to make the conflict worse.

The parents of the schoolgirls think that the curator decided not to get involved in the conflict with the camp administration. She silently complied with the demands, fearing trouble for the whole group under her guidance. The children also said, that after the incident the camp administration imposed a strict ban on national symbols in the camp, including embroidered shirts.


(Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina, edited by Anna Palagina)



  • FunkyWinkerbean

    More evidence of how well brainwashing works.

  • Rascalndear

    In the photo, both girls are wearing vyshyvankas (embroidered blouses), so the photo contradicts the story. Sorry. :(

    • Mat


    • MeinOhio

      It kind of looks photoshopped, but I’m gullible these days.

  • On the Balcony

    Ordering children to sing in Russian or in English but not Ukrainian?? Sorry, I find this story difficult to believe. Europeans generally would not tolerate such behaviour and they certainly would not be silent about it –but I’ve not been able to find any independent confirmation which leads me to suspect something is being omitted or misrepresented.

    • Mat

      This is Bulgaria, a Russophilic orthodox country, not normal-Europe

      • On the Balcony

        I have since seen the interviews, etc. Kyiv has made a formal protest and I hope that proper action is taken by the authorities..

  • 7earthangels

    I am sick!

  • Ken Stewart

    Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that they had received the protest note and were working to solve the case.

  • flypaper

    But I see the dickhead is wearing the St.Georges ribbon…which is being used as a anti-Ukraine symbol…Obviously the camp leader is a true ass hole and should not be around any children.

  • Adam Rytwiński

    Oh my God, someone there is out of his mind… The animator is just a swine, but the camp administration is not much better, shame for them…