Further EU sanctions over situation in Eastern Ukraine



2014/07/25 • News, Political News

On 25 July the Council adopted reinforced EU sanctions in view of the situation in Ukraine. The Council’s Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER) also discussed the preparatory work on further targeted measures.

Following the conclusions of the Foreign Affairs Council of 22 July, the Council adopted by written procedure the legal acts which make it possible:

  • to target 15 additional persons and 18 new entities with a travel ban and assets freeze. In total, therefore, 87 persons and 20 entities  will now be under EU sanctions over the situation in Ukraine
  • to extend the designation criteria for imposing asset freezes and visa bans on persons and entities that actively support or are benefiting from the Russian decision-makers responsible for the annexation of Crimea or the destabilisation of Eastern Ukraine

These additional legal acts will enter into force after their publication in the EU Official Journal on 25 July.

At their meeting on 24-25 July, COREPER also discussed additional trade and investment measures related to Crimea and had an exchange of views on the results of the preparatory work by the Commission and the European External Action Service on further targeted measures.

Proposals for taking action include the areas of access to capital markets, defence, dual use goods, and sensitive technologies, including in the energy sector.

Foreign Affairs Council focused on the situation in Eastern Ukraine after the downing of flight MH17

At their meeting on 22 July, EU foreign affairs ministers were shocked and deeply saddened by the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 and the tragic loss of so many innocent lives. EU ministers conveyed their deepest condolences to the people and governments of all the affected nations and in particular to the families of the victims. They strongly condemned the actions undertaken by armed militants in the region. Further sanctions against Russia were also discussed.

source:council of the european union

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  • llewellynh

    How about something a bit more proactive. I bet the King and Queen of the Netherlands would lead a march of interested European leaders to walk if necessary to those bloody fields to get them opened up. There are dead bodies still there! Sanctions are way too slow for what are emergency situations.

    Maybe another country could walk in some soldiers to protect their majesties from the insanity of Putin. But I can’t think of a couple who have shown more grace and dignity during these terrible days that the King and Queen of that tiny but very strong country.

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  • sandy miller

    Eu is disgusting. These sanctions like all of them have been a farce. Putin is amassing his army on Ukrainian border ready to invade and this is all they’re doing? How about some boots on the ground NATO? What the hell is NATO FOR?