Ukrainians warned to be vigilant about terrorism



2014/07/24 • News

According to current intelligence information, Russian saboteurs have been instructed by their superiors in Russia to prepare a large-scale terrorist attack on Ukrainian territory, reports UNN, July 24, citing unnamed sources at the Security Service of Ukraine

According to an agency employee, this information came from an inside source.

” We received inside information that in circles close to Putin the possibility of a terrorist attack in Ukraine is being discussed in order to divert the world’s attention from the Boeing situation and to neutralize the negative impact on Russia’s image in connection with the accusations by a number of countries regarding the supplying of weapons by Russia to the militants of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics,” the employee said.

According to the information, the terrorist attack may consist in bombing a Russian airliner during its stay at a Ukrainian airport and may result in the deaths of many foreign and Russian nationals. In this manner, according to the source, the organizers will present this act as evidence that Ukrainian authorities are unable to control the situation in the country and ensure the safety of their own citizens as well those from foreign countries,” the agency employee said.

As UNN reported on Wednesday, July 23, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is calling on all Ukrainians to be vigilant and careful since international terrorists, headed by Russian security services in Ukraine, are ready to carry out attacks in Ukraine to frighten Ukrainians and destabilize the situation in the country.

Source: UNN


  • llewellynh

    Vigilance isn’t enough. That border is a joke and I just read you are now finally going to deny Russian officials to cross it. Try not letting ANYONE cross it and get to work with securing it. Start with drones with cameras NOW. You can buy them in the US for $1000 bucks each in retail stores.