Makeup looted from MH17 turns up on Instagram



2014/07/24 • War in the Donbas

In the wake of the Malaysian Boeing tragedy, there have been repeated claims of the victims’ personal effects being looted by rebels and locals. Today yet another proof has appeared, of all places, on Instagram.

A girl under a username “zolotosya” (account since closed off to visitors) posted a picture of a piece of makeup of an European brand Catrice, noting in the comments that it was “mascara from Amsterdam, or, rather, from the field… you get it”.




Some of her photos are geotagged to Torez, a town in Eastern Ukraine near the crash site where a rebel surface-to air missile launcher was allegedly spotted hours before the tragedy.

The Instagram account appeared to be linked to another on a Russian facebook clone, also closed off as of now. The account belonged to a certain Ekaterina Romanova and amid the usual girly photos proudly displayed a pro-separatist inspirational picture captioned “no one will bring us to our knees”:



In the comments to the photo the proud owner of brand-new mascara spilled out more details, telling that “a friend of hers, a marauder” got the mascara for her, and suggesting more looting by claiming that “lots of other stuff has been changing hands, from pincers to clothes”:



Some angry Ukrainians understandably attacked zolotosya’s account, calling her “complete scum”, among other things. Zolotosya, in turn, confessed: “I am a separatist. Everything Ukrainian makes me sick and angry due to recent events”.

She doesn’t seem to be so prejudiced against at least some European things, like brand makeup.

Social networks have been no friend to the pro-Russians. Just yesterday a Russian soldier spilled out yet another evidence of Russia shelling Ukrainian troops across the border.
Proof of MH17 looting has turned up in the Western media before. A Dutch paper De Telegraaph reported looters answering phone calls from the grieving relatives, while The Daily Mail wrote that the victim’s credit cards were being used in Ukraine.

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  • llewellynh

    The thugs are now using Nazi concentration camp methodology. They took everything from those they were going to murder and piled it up in warehouses for their own use. Other than the crucifixions of Christians going on in Iraq, I don’t think your thugs can go much lower.

    And I pray that no Dutch people read or see this.

    • Rozemarijn Bedia Higuera

      I am Dutch actually. And sharing this on Facebook. Why hide these horrible excuses for human beings? Let them be seen for what they are.

      • llewellynh

        I just found it so horribly painful that my first thought was you and your countryman didn’t need one more ounce of this insanity put in front of you. I can’t imagine a single one of you doesn’t already know them for what they are.

        The grace and dignity of the Netherlands during the past two days especially has left an imprint on the hearts and minds of the world. You stunned us by being such a glorious example of just how a civilized society can and should act.

        I meant no harm.

    • Rozemarijn Bedia Higuera

      “Of all animals, man is the only one that is cruel” – Mark Twain

    • awest

      this is f***kin Russians

  • Yaroslav Right

    Welcome to russian world…

  • Randall Cook

    Agreed, total-concentration camp Guard mentality, by these so-called people of Russian ethnicity…yucko.

  • Lauren

    Just remember Russki, what comes around is all around!

    • Jacks Channel

      Good one Lauren. How true.

  • Brent

    Well at least this story tells us the type of people who support the ‘insurgency’….thieves who don’t mind making money off of victims’ possessions. I’m sure she’s another mindless one of the bleating sheep who hate the U.S. and EU, yet loves her I-Phone and every other materialistic Western trinket or technology she can get her grubby little hands on….

    Hopefully this posting goes viral so that Europeans can see who their governments are protecting from meaningful sanctions.

  • Jacks Channel

    These Russian people are human garbage and should be treated with complete and utter contempt by the whole World.

    Stealing from the dead before they are even cold (you know what I mean). Thats bad. I have nothing but contempt for these lowlife human beings.

  • Milton Devonair

    Alexei Milchakov, petersberg russia.
    First picture with a puppy.
    Second picture with russian army later.
    Third picture with other russians in eastern Ukraine, second from right, standing.
    Last picture… may not care to see because it’s the end result of what he did to the puppy.
    There’s another picture of the puppy, but it’s very graphic.

    • alex

      cremlin bot detected

      • Milton Devonair

        I don’t think you understood my post. These are the russians that are in Donbas fighting against Ukraine.

    • Mellow Jessica

      Thank you for providing warning – I will not look at pics of animal abuse, but those who abuse animals are sociopathic scum who should be neutralized.

  • Oleksandra Nizhnik

    Her actual name is Ekaterina Parhomenko

    • Adam Rytwiński

      Good job Oleksandra! Her name should be well known to the world :)

  • Gerard Rukenau

    I am Russian. I think this is repulsive, appalling, and downright depraved. But all Russians aren’t degenerates without a moral compass; so please, when next you generalise, tread carefully.

    • Mellow Jessica

      Get ride of Putin and then we might believe your claims. Otherwise, there are only official Russians (criminals) and Russian citizen-collaborators.

    • David Rusinas

      Well said Gerard! People do tend to generalise and unfortunately it is the worse that reinforces opinion. Looking down the comments I find it is sad that there is no mention of what Russians have contributed to cultural life and to accuse all of being citizen-collaborators is fanciful.

      • Mellow Jessica

        Unless you mean to tell me that election in Russia is neither free nor fair, then it would seem reasonable to describe Russian voters who elect Putin with such stunning majorities as his citizen-collaborators. If they believe it is wrong to invade a sovereign nation like Ukraine and steal its territory, arm rebels and train them poorly so they shoot down civilian airliners, and then try to cover-up the looting and desecration of the victims’ corpses, etc…they should vote Putin out of office or better still, recall him.

  • Adam Rytwiński

    Maybe one could even understand collecting some small items with almost no worth (I don’t, absolutely), but showing it in Internet is something horrible, shows that this girl has no ethic, no morality, is worse than an animal… Discusting…

  • ES

    It”s fake!

    • Milton Devonair

      New account, two words, don’t tell me, you’re a russian, a putin-gandist?

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  • sandy miller


  • Mellow Jessica

    What a thieving whore. I hope her family is accidentally killed by untargeted separatist artillery/rocket fire.

    • Milton Devonair

      Ya know, with all the raping and child molesting the russians and chechens are doing in eastern Ukraine, maybe her eyes will be opened for her? Lots of examples where russian troops gang raped russian women. Heck, in Poland the criminal, corrupt russian army came upon a POW camp and the russian women where happy that they would be liberated by their countrymen. Sadly, they were gang raped by all the russian troops.

      Such is the case with russia….

  • Red Fox

    It’s seems fake. But even if it is true she is Ukrainian, not Russian. Boeing crashed in the Ukraine.

    • Mellow Jessica

      Hey, Crimeans are Ukrainians, too – didn’t matter to Putin or his Russian imperial forces.

      • Red Fox

        No, 60% of population of Crimea is Russian.

        • Mellow Jessica

          What, after they deported all the Tatars again, and imported or gave-away a bunch of Russian passports?

          Crimea is Ukrainian territory that was annexed illegally, under force of arms, against all tenets of international law and Putin presides over a criminal authoritarian regime.

          • Red Fox

            You’re lying, I live in Sevastopol (Crimea it). :)))

          • Mellow Jessica

            Great so you live in a Ukrainian city in “territory temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation”.

          • Red Fox

            No I live in Russia. Crimea and Ukraine was part of Russia. Crimea is the pride of Russia’s history. Learn the history of Russia, sorry.
            Referring to the occupation you just make me laugh.