What the Russian government is editing on Wikipedia: Ukraine, Warcraft and Dr. House



2014/07/22 • Russia

An enlightening website called “Gospravki” was recently launched in the Russian webspace. According to its creators, it is a compilation of all edits made to Wikipedia from Russian state structure IP addresses between 2003 and 2014. The most active “editors” include the Federal Security Service, the FSB, MIA and the Pan-Russian State TV and Radio Company. In particular, edits have been made to the article regarding the downed Boeing from the IP address of this media holding: the Russian media workers decided that it would be better note the Ukrainian soldiers as the reason for the crash instead of the PRD.

One of the latest examples on the website are edits made by Russian State Network, which have to do with the article regarding the 17th troop of the Ukrainian National Guard. Every edit is tagged with its date, the name of the state structure and a link to compare the before and after articles.

For example, this is the edit made by the Federal Security Service about titushky in May of the current year. According to the Russian governors, they were a made-up meme:

Articles about the Ukrainian Naval Forces were augmented by the Russian Scientific and Investigative Geosystems Institute with ideological particular phrases about Ukraine’s loss of Crimea. In general, however, there are few edits on Wikipedia made by the Russian state structures regarding the topic of Ukraine, according to this website.

According to “Gospravki,” the Russian governors are interested in TV series (“Dr House,” “Svaty,” “Pyatnitsky”), computer games (DoTA, Warcraft), there are even edits to the article about Cthulhu. Edits regarding “Dr House” were made by the Centre for Special Communication and Information of the FSB in Perm. Someone from “Rospatent” made their edits to the gameplay of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

Source: AIN.ua

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • llewellynh

    They really ought to stop because it is becoming a joke around the world. Every time they tamper it seems to hit western news and internet sites within minutes.

    And the endless propaganda they are churning out on western internet Comment sections is turning them into non-stop targets of jokes.

    Such a waste of energy and yet it does show just how far Putin’s reach is – in Russia.

  • Rascalndear

    What is PRD? Do you mean DNR? The Donetsk People’s Republic or Донецкая народная республіка? It’s not immediately obvious even to a person who is always reading about Ukraine…