Members of the Parliament fought in the Verkhovna Rada



2014/07/22 • Political News

Communists and “regionals” received blows right in the session hall

Kyiv, July 22nd (New Region, Anna Sergeyeva) – On Tuesday, a fight broke out during the morning session of the Verkhovna Rada. As “New Region” correspondent reports, after the Parliament voted on the third wave of mobilization, member of Party of Regions Mykola Levchenko started accusing the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and soldiers “of spilling innocent blood of Donbas civilians.”

Speaker Olexandr Turchynov reacted brusquely by turning Levchenko’s microphone off.

“I will not allow supporters of the Fifth column and Putin’s regime to engage in provocations here,” Turchynov raised his voice.

Levchenko was indignant at the fact that the speaker turned off his microphone at his seat in the Parliament. Therefore he ran up to the booth, demanding that Turchynov turn his microphone on.

At the same time “Svoboda” Parliament Members ran for the part of the hall occupied by communists and the Party of Region. A scuffle broke out. The MP’s grabbed and tugged at each other’s jackets and shirts. The first to “attack” was “Svoboda” member Igor Myroshnychenko, who tried to punch Levchenko in the face.

However the informal leader of the Party of Regions, oligarch Vadym Novinskiy, dragged Levchenko away from the angry nationalist.

On their part, other “Svoboda” MP’s took on the communists. The fight was stopped by the speaker and Nestro Shufrych, as well as Novinsiy.

Turchynov put up the issue of removing Levchenko from the hall for violating the Statute, for unacceptable declarations, for vote.

In the end 171 members of the Parliament supported Levchenko’s removal. However, he did not leave the hall immediately, but only after Novinskiy personally asked him to do it.

Soon the party factions of the Party of Regions and Communist Party of Ukraine left the session hall.

Source: New Region

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • sandy miller

    Why oh why do Ukrainians have to fight with each other. Those in parliment who want to be part of Russia need to move there. This is wrong for Ukraine. Go back to the russian revolution, go back to WW1, and WW2 why does Ukraine continue to hurt its self by fighting with each other? It must stop. Haven’t these communists had enough of life under that corrupt and bankrupt system? It’s time to give something else a try. Ask them how do they expect Ukraine to get rid of the russian mercenaires that have taken over parts of Ukraine? Ukrainians in those areas need to leave the war zones why haven’t they done that? Wouldn’t it be easier for Ukraine to get rid of the mercenaries by bombing the shit out of them. How horrible to devastate those places? But how can Ukraine be expected to negotiate with people who aren’t even Ukrainian citizens who have invaded its country?

    • llewellynh

      In my heart I am hoping that the people living in the east will have had their eyes opened up as a result of the downing of that plane and of the behavior shown by Strelkov and his band of thugs.

      Apparently, it’s young people from the Maidan who are moving in there as volunteers to organize and provide some services to those folks who months back were so sure they wanted to become part of Russia. Since then they have seen just how unhappy the Crimean people are and after this horror of shooting down completely innocent people, maybe just maybe some minds have opened. They have also seen that there is no intent in Kiev to suppress the use of the Russian language.

      I can’t find an estimate of just how many “rebels” there are currently in those eastern oblasts and would love for someone to tell me because I think the number of them will determine the ultimate methods needed to remove them. The problem with bombing the s#it out of them is the so called collateral damage which often means innocent people are killed along with the guilty. But I agree with you that the sooner they go, the better for the world really.

    • Igor Z

      Well the “fifth column” does not actually recognize the existence of Ukraine as a sovereign nation. So as you can assess this makes for confrontation. For the Communist party especially, the disintegration of the the Russian-Communist sphere is blasphemy. They are ready to do anything to prevent it, including destroying Ukraine all together.

    • Dean Clark

      Russian mercs in Ukraine? 😀 yeah, sure. Let’s take a look at them, shall we

      Ukranian military bombing shitt out of them well, right? Seriously, do you have any… ANY evidence of russian mercenaries in Ukraine? I doubt it.

      • Alain Godet

        You must be the only one to have shit in your eyes, not to see Russian in Ukraine. Borodai ? Russian. Strelkov ? Russian. Bezler ? Russian. Killed and arrested mercenaries ? Russian. Interviewed mercenaries ? Russian.
        Go back to the beach, playing with your shovel and bucket…

      • Alain Godet

        You must be the only one to have shit in your eyes, not to see Russian in Ukraine. Borodai ? Russian. Strelkov ? Russian. Bezler ? Russian. Killed and arrested mercenaries ? Russian. Interviewed mercenaries ? Russian.
        Go back to the beach, playing with your shovel and bucket…

  • llewellynh

    Children, settle down. The world is watching not just the Rada but all sorts of institutions and people. I don’t know anyone on this planet who at this moment is in favor of any more violence about anything.

    For political representatives to act like street thugs may just lead to their not being re-elected because their approach to those jobs is now beyond offensive.

    There should be room for intelligent discussion where various points of view can be expressed but to the left-over communists and separitists in the Rada, they have to come to terms with the fact that during that last election the PEOPLE of Ukraine made it gimlet clear that the direction the majority wants to aim for is that of democracy and freedom.

    For this fighting to go on while the horror of the downing of the Malaysian plane is being spread via the media to every corner of the earth, is certainly not helping either Mr. Putin or his troops in eastern Ukraine. It shows them to be incapable of using their brains instead of their fists and really, overall they have already lost the fight.

  • Cristian Muñoz

    NIce. Time to kick Putin’s regime servants asses invading Verkhovna Rada of UKRAINE. Those Communist and Russian settlers dumbasses should be working at State Duma of RuSSia.

  • Cristian Muñoz

    Stop RuSSian invaders in Ukraine serving RuSSian colonialist aggression.

  • Dean Clark

    Levchenko only said that the plan – stated by Poroshenko by the way – to bring peace on Southeast was completly failed and all that 😀 how they call it “partial mobilization” will only get things from bad to worse. Well 😀 looks like reasonable thougts are punishable by asskicks in Rada now.