France will give Russia one “Mistral,” and will watch its behaviour



2014/07/22 • Russia

France will carry out its obligations regarding the construction of the first military Mistral ship for Russia, as Moscow has already paid according to the contract.

This was noted in the statement made by French President Francois Hollande, reports Radio Svoboda citing France-Presse agency.

According to the French leader, otherwise the fine would have constituted 1,1 billion Euro.

“The contract was signed in 2011, the ship is almost ready and is to be handed over in October,” said Hollande.

The work over the second Mistral ship was tied by the French President to Moscow’s position regarding the Ukrainian crisis.

According to him, should limits be implemented regarding Russia, this “has to be done on EU level and will only regard future equipment supplies.”

“So far this has not happened, we will see whether Russia will behave badly,” said Hollande.

France’s western parters are calling for Paris to rescind their offer to supply the Mistrals to Russia. The US and allies state that it is completely out of place to provide Moscow with high-quality weaponry given the current conditions.

Russia has no possibility of producing such vessels inside the country.

Mistral helicopter carriers are a weapon of active attack, they give the possibility to deploy a battalion of naval infantry and armoured equipment onto the shore at a distance of up to 10 thousand kilometres from the port without refuelling.

Analysts claim that even the former USSR had no such possibilities.

Source: Pravda

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • Arctic_Slicer

    At least we’re making progress but still not enough. The EU or a nation allied with the EU needs to step up and buy that ship from France and be willing to pay any fines associated with it.

    • llewellynh

      France is embarrassing itself yet again. Yesterday they were blaming the Brits for allowing Russian oligarchs to buy houses in London and were trying to equate the two.

      • LorCanada

        Acceptance of Russian wealth into western countries is almost akin to money laundering. It’s controversial, one must admit. Yet even USA does the same. I read a few months ago that a Russian paid $88 million for a New York penthouse! Hm, let them pour their money into the West and then we can freeze their assets and bank accounts! Well, we can darn well try if things get worse.

        London, England, is being known as “Londonberg” as it has so much Russian investment in property there. Perhaps one day when Putin is not around anymore we can get back to normal with Russian people. I’m sure a number of them do not approve of his annexing Crimea from a weak Ukraine despite all the media hype and bravura of his opportunistic bold move in stealing it. Not a good move when judged by international law, but then criminals ignore the law, don’t they!

        • llewellynh

          I am aware of Londonberg but somehow or other as bad as that looks, it does not equate to selling a thuggish nation war ships!

    • LorCanada

      Nice thought, but who in EU has that much money or actually needs such a ship?

      • Arctic_Slicer

        Bulgaria or Romania would be happy to have such a ship in their navy. The EU/NATO could all pitch in to buy the ship and donate it to one of those countries to help defend NATO members in the Black Sea.

  • WrocLove (Euro2012)

    It’s suicide. When Russians use this ships against Europe…

    • LorCanada

      Well, Russia keeps saying the ships are to be assigned to the Pacific, but who can be sure of that.

      • deeline

        At least one of them (second, afaik) has to be assigned to Black Sea Fleet in Sebastopol, Crimea

  • Adam Rytwiński

    “Britain and France had to choose between war and dishonour. They chose dishonour. They will have war.” – Winston Churchill, House of Common, October 1938, response for Chamberlain.
    This is what France is doing now. Of course, the rest of Europe with the US should help France financially to get rid of this contract.
    French have learned nothing from history, but we in Poland, as well as people in Ukraine feel the effects of this hard lesson till today… The next lesson will be hard for all.