Evidence mounts for a Russian invasion into Ukraine under the guise of peacekeeping troops



2014/07/22 • Military analysis

Russia may be once again preparing the introduction of its troops on the territory of Ukraine under the guise of peacekeeping forces.

The following gives evidence to this:

  • Statements of the terrorist leaders (Bolotov, Girkin) that they need to hold out by any means until Wednesday, 23 July;
  • Building numbers of Russian troops near the eastern borders of Ukraine;
  • Frequent instances of reconnaissance airplane and helicopter flights of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in Ukrainian airspace;
  • Russian Army preparing for pseudo-peacekeeping actions: Russian military equipment has been seen with the appropriate Russian MS peacekeeping markings, military equipment is being repainted, peacekeeping forces insignia – blue helmets, band dressings and more – are being distributed to personnel.

Photo: Russian peacekeeping troops in Georgia

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  • Brent

    This is no surprise. Maybe France can speed up the delivery of the second Mistral and ban Russians from going to Disneyland Paris It looks like Russia and its proxies in Donbass are literally going to get away with the murder of 298 innocent citizens of the world so why stop them from slaughtering, kidnapping, persecuting a few more Ukrainian citizens.

    I’m starting to wonder if Ukraine is still as enamored with the thought of joining such a gutless organization as the EU when they have already been sold out by the likes of Frau Ribbentrop and Comrade Hollande. When the likes of Bulgaria, Romania and Poland show more backbone then supposed world leaders like France and Germany, this shows who has been sold to the highest bidder

    • Cristian Muñoz

      Holland’s France is behaving like Vichy France, collaborating with Frau Ribbentrop (Merkel) and her secret agreements with Putin’s Soviet RuSSia.

    • llewellynh

      My impression is that the people of Ukraine are much more straightforward and decent and honest that some of their more affluent western neighbors.

      If this keeps up, the leaders of those countries will be held accountable by the everyday folks whose votes they need to stay on high. It is interesting to see that integrity seems easier to find among the regular folks who haven’t sold their souls out for fame and power.

      • Brent

        I agree. It’s sad to see that most of Europe is more worried about economic factors than the value of human lives and freedom of citizens in other countries, even those of the 298 that were not part of the conflict. Don’t get me wrong, I think the value of all of the innocents throughout Ukraine and the soldiers who are fighting for Ukraine’s freedom are just as important and valuable, but Europe has shown no concern for them because Russia has successfully spun this as a ‘Ukraine conflict’. In reality, it was Russian manufactured and driven. I really thought shooting down an airliner full of civilians might be the turning point where Europe stepped up and stood up to Putin’s schemes, duplicity and imperialistic maneuverings, but think Russia may be succeeding in muddying the waters enough to sew enough doubt about the truth that Ukraine will continue to get little or no assistance. They’re really on their own and it really shocks me how little support and even defensive weaponry they have received when there are claims about CIA or U.S. backing. Yet Germany is openly supplying high tech war equipment to Russia and even four German citizens were murdered on the plane. I wonder how Merkl can look their families in the eyes when she is protecting Putin so much and preaching a ceasefire.

        Who has really stepped up are the ordinary every day citizens of Ukraine who are having all kinds of fundraisers, donating part of their meager salaries and even providing basic necessities like food and armored vests and proper gear for their soldiers. The government was left with very little funds to support their own troops after Yanukovych robbed the treasury and they’ve had to make do with little of their resources to support their own army. If Russia does invade with ‘peacekeepers’ as rumored, then I think it might be game over because they are amassing these forces also outside of Kharkiv and in Crimea and there is no defensive forces there to stop them from advancing as far as they want. The only thing is Russia will pay a high price from a guerilla war, but the country will be destroyed.

        • llewellynh

          Just read some bad news. Seems that the US is now saying the plane’s shooting down was not the responsibility of Russia or Putin. This before the investigation has even started.

          Our system as opposed to our people no longer seems to have a moral compass. I cannot get my head wrapped around this.

  • Jacks Channel

    I think I see an ulterior motive being put into action here. This will make the situation in Ukraine more convoluted than it already is.

  • sandy miller

    What can be done? It’s obvious Ukraine can’t hold its own…they couldn’t control the russians in the area where plane went down. That says it all. America has pretty much lost interest it’s gone to the middle east. Obama is missing in action and Kerry is in the middle east that’s why Putin is taking advantage of the situation. He know he can continue invading Ukraine. He doesn’t want Donbbass or Lughanets…he wants Kharkiv. How does Ukraine fight Russia when they have 30-1. Only hope is for Polanhd, Luthuiana and other eastern blob eastern bllock countries get together and put forces on the Ukrainian border….I can’t writ on these sites anymore

  • llewellynh

    If Putin is this stupid I would be surprised. The west hasn’t done a very good job of living up to the UK/US 1995 promises to protect the Ukraine in exchange for their giving up the third largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world. I don’t think Putin understands though that the national leaders he is dealing with from the west are very complex people who can be pushed too far. He’s on the cusp of that right now.

    We have seen how Frau Merkel reacted to her phone being tapped. She was right of course but if Putin pushes into Ukraine, european nations have to be aware of that word anschluss and realize they could be next. So far everyone assumes the fantasy land of Putin would only encompass Russia of old. Who is to say that really? Germany has much more to offer than Ukraine. So does Poland. For all we know he has added Hitler’s dreams to his own.

    Soon making money selling warships and worrying about household heating may go down a bit on EU priority list which seems so far to only pay attention to the material welfare of the wealthier EU nations. That is an economic union and obviously no one spent too much time inserting a moral compass into it. Putin shouldn’t test that because he could lose much more than the Crimea he has stolen.

    Somewhere just somewhere there could be a leader with intelligence and integrity who is prepared to end this thuggish period of Putin’s reign. Pray.

  • Russ

    I’ve been a “student” of WWII all my life but I never understood how something like that could be allowed to happen. Sadly I think I’m beginning to understand…at least somewhat. All it takes is one delusional nut job surrounded by a bunch of yes men and a world unwilling to act. No one has control over the number of delusional nut jobs out there but the unwillingness to act is a conscious decision.

    I’m not saying Putins shenanigans will start WWIII but I can more easily imagine the inaction/false hope/ peace-in-our-time type thought processes that must have been going on in the 1930’s. Hopefully the world’s leaders have learned something from that expensive mistake.

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